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Someone has used NDT even if he had not a clear Hypothyroidism's diagnosis?


I am Italian and sorry if my English is not so good.

I am not sure if I really have hypothyroidism.

My doctor tells me that my blood values are normal, but since a long time I suffer of many hypothyroidism's symptoms and when I have more stress they get worst.

I have fatigue all the time, sometimes insomnia, depression and anxiety, muscular pain, brain fog, migraines, irregular menses, irritable bowel syndrome.

My weight is normal but just because I have always eat very little. Every time I eat just a little more, I get an abnormal weight gain. I used to do more sport to contrastate that, but now I feel me always weak and I cannot do a regual exercise and if I don't want gain too much weight I have to eat even less, but that could increase my fatigue even more I guess. So I don't know how to menage all this thing now.

I read of some people who even if their values are ok they suspect to have hypothyroidism and have decided to try with NDT.

Someone seems to feel very well since the first day, but there is no way to know if everything was fine even after a long time.

I ordered Thiroyd by Greater Pharma from Thailand and I would make a test period with it, but I need to know the experience of someone who has tested NDT who had not received hypothyroidism diagnosis and that was not taking Levotiroxine before.

Someone like that could tell about his experience with NDT?

What happened after months or years using NDT? Did you kept to feel well or your symptoms got back?

Any other side effects?

If you are not takeing NDT anymore, did your thyroid returned the same after you suspended it? Or NDT created any kind of permanently damage to your thyroid?

Thanks to anyone could help me.

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Hello RisymRose and welcome

Has your doctor tested for thyroid antibodies? TPO and TgAb? You should not take thyroid medicine unless you have a thyroid condition. If you post your blood tests here then people can help you understand them and whether you need more tests.



in my experience, many doctors would say you are "normal" because they simply look at a number on your TSH result, not at the whole range of thyroid hormones, let alone vitamins and minerals, much less symptoms!

I'm like you, simply being told I am subclinical and not worthy of treatment. As I hate feeling ill and I'm afraid of how much I would deteriorate until my tsh reaches the magic number, I've bought ndt to self treat too. Only started a few months ago but I'm hopeful.

Good luck!



I did my last blood test almost one year ago and I cannot report my exactly values because I have not the results here around now. I repeat the test every year and doctors keep to tell me that my TSH, T4 and T3 are normal every year.

I don't know about antibodies just because if you have a normal TSH, doctors never put you under investigation for antibodies. That's how it works for italian doctors at least.

I don't like to skip doctors and do self treating, but the only thing I know is that I am not living anymore and I cannot go on in this way. If they don't propose me any kind of cure I will consider to search my solution even making some experiments by myself. I am only trying to know more experiences of people like me just to valuate.

Thanks kitten44. Hope you can stay better. It would be important for me just knowing how your symptoms will be going using ndt even in the coming months.

What symptoms did you have before and what is your experience with ndt?

Did you noticed any kind of improvement of them until now?

Any changing in efficacy? Side effects?

Thanks for sharing.


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