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Is it too late?

Hi folks,

Hoping for some advice to improve my ever decreasing energy & increasing weight.

Bit of a saga but here goes!

Have struggled most of my life (now 66) with low energy, monthly problems with various surgery to try to remedy. Big issue 20 years ago put down to stress of divorce. Very unwell, heart raced for 8 to 10 hours after a dance sessions or other excercise. Hair loss, skin rash/ dryness, terrible shaking etc. After approx 8 years, a friend who has goiter told me to ask for throid test. Results were more than double what is normal. Another 7 years on carbimazole, then radii iodine which after approx 2 hours caused terrible stomach burn like bad indigestion for 3 weeks. I felt very ill & my daughter said I looked green? Some months later, prescribed levothyroxin. 3 weeks after taking 25 mg alternate days, went into a fib blue lighted to hosp with heart rate 268. 3 inject of heart stop drug failed to work & so continued for 3 days & nights then flipped back to norm. I was convinced it was meds. Did own research to show consultant, all denied. Reduced & took myself off it heart meds & angina pain & all other heart ssymptoms went. Eventually found Armour & banged on until consultant agreed. Done well for about 2 years but now have very little energy, gained over 2 stones, despite restricted healthy diet? Any help please?


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Sorry you've had such a bad time. If you post your latest thyroid blood test results here along with the laboratory ranges then people can give you good advice and suggestions.


Just phoned surgery & last test was 16.09.16 reading TSH 1.1 & Serum 3 T4 was 12 which they say is normal. So why am I dragging myself around feeling rotten 90% of the time?

Other comment on diet?

Example of regime for approx 25 years.

Breakfast. Raw oats with fruit & yoghurt OR toast & egg OR toast & marmalade & fruit OR porridge in winter, coffee.

Lunch. Sandwich OR salad OR soup. Coffee or water.

Evening. Whatever was 'yellow ticket' at supermarket.

Grow my own veg & potatoes, fruit trees & shrubs.

VERY seldom eat between meals. Admit to the occasional piece of choc or biscuit or cake.

Not kidding myself or you as not helpful.

I have skinny friends who eat twice the amount I do, take sugar & consume sugary foods, have cream etc etc & say they would be flaked out on my intake of food. I've tried doing as they suggest but gain more weight. I followed slimming world plan for 4 weeks & gained 6 pounds!!


Maybe your 'restricted healthy diet' is too restricted. Low-calorie diets are not good for hypos. And, what do you call 'healthy'? Everyone has their own definition of that.


As you are now hypothyroid, you may have low stomach acid. No matter how healthy your diet, you may not absorb nutrients well. Have you tested your vitamins levels? What are your antibodies results like? Have you got the results?


Think high stomach acid as have to be VERY careful what I eat or I'm crippled with indigestion for days. Even a glass of water will trigger it.

How do I test for vit levels & no dont have antibody tests?


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