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T3 supply - info from Concordia (took over Mercury Pharma)

Hi fellow T3ers, have just phoned Concordia Int (Concordia took over Mercury Pharma)to find out what is going on with the supply of T3 and did they have manufacturing difficulties again. The chap told me that the current batch which expires in October is not being supplied to NHS because of the short expiry date. He told me that a new batch was expected in the next 2 to 3 weeks with an expiration date of January. I asked why the incoming batch had a short expiration date too and it suggested to me that they were having manufacturing difficulties. He denied this and went on to say that further batches were in the pipeline. He was very polite and tried to explain the short shelf life but I didn't believe this as I have had T3 with a longer shelf life in the past. I told him my interest in the product was simply that I relied on T3 although the product they supply is stupidly overpriced which he obviously made no comment about, but conversations are recorded (good oh). He also assured me that Concordia haven't been advised by the NHS to cease supply and that there would be no interruption and not to worry.

In addition to the above I have been taking T3 that expired in May no ill effects. Suggested that perhaps Concordia could do some further shelf life studies to increase shelf life 😊.

Not sure whether I am allowed to write this bit but sure admin will delete if not.

For any of you who take T3 are concerned about your supply contact Concordia on this number : 02086498500.

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I have T3 - the expiry date of 2020. Obviously it's not Concordia's aka Amdipharm aka Mercury Pharma. Buyouts with ever increasing price for T3.

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Well done Airmed , it's obvious you are no Air Head! :)

shaws you forgot Goldshield :D

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:) It was a never-ending change of names for the ultimate aim of increasing the cost of essential prescriptions. I think there were a couple of other names before Goldshield.

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I’ve had a similar experience with this company of the many names, in respect of another drug.

For the previous 20 years I’d been prescribed Lomitil. following surgery for UC. I’d tried other drugs, such as codeine and loperamide, but they had no more affect than smarties. Then about 4 years ago the brand name disappeared and my GP had to prescribe using the generic name co-phenotrope. Shortly after that, it became impossible to find any pharmacy in the whole of the UK who had this medication in stock. Every time I contacted the company I was told that there was a manufacturing problem and it would be available again in 2-3 months. This went on for 2 years, throughout which time I daren’t leave the house.

Eventually, I was told that a company named Creo had emergency supplies, but my GP had to write unlicensed on the prescription, and what a battle that was.

I first was referred back to the surgeon who had carried out my last operation, who wrote a very stinging letter to my GP saying that I most definitely needed this drug, but that wasn’t good enough. I then had to have an appointment to see a consultant surgeon at my local hospital, who my GP knew. Fortunately he too said I needed it. My GP has since prescribed it, but always writes on the prescription, after the word unlicensed, as per hospital instruction.

For a while the medication I received from Creo was in exactly the same packaging I had always had, but for a couple of years now the supply I’ve been receiving is manufactured by Mylan, so as far as I know, the company of many names no longer makes it, so it is no longer available on license in UK.

Lesson: If this company tells you it will be available in 2-3 months, don’t hold your breath.

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