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Hello :) I'm new to Hyperparathyroidism & Hyperthyroidism

I'm from the US and healthcare is very expensive here. I'm 28 and I think I have both Hyperthyroidism and Hyperparathyroidism.

Is there anybody else out there that has both of these? Could you tell me what symptoms you had that made you realize something wasn't right with your body? I'd appreciate it :)

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Welcome to our forumJamieVW

I cannot answer your question as I am hypothyroid but this is a couple of links which may be of interest in the meantime.




USA parathyroid website - might find useful



Have you had tests for both ?


In 2006, I discovered, just by chance, that I have high calcium in the blood. I read that somewhere in Florida, there is a centre known for getting very good results in the operations they perform but I didn't go through any operation for the time being. In order to find out which parathyroid doesn't work well, one is offered a test (sounds like sestamini!?) which involves a dye being injected into the blood stream but following an anaphylactic shock that I had (when I was injected with fluoricine), this was out of question. So the only way for me would be for surgeons to operate like in older times: going gland, gland to check which is the bad one.

I know that one can get kidney stones and have other problems if one doesn't get the bad gland/s out, but you are the one to decide. I live in the UK so I'm covered by health insurance. I don't understand what system Obama introduced in the USA that Trump wants to change. How did you discover about the parathyroid glands? I have a large nodule on one side of my thyroid gland and I was offered to have half of the gland removed but I decided against it. For the time being I'm being monitored!

Don't be in a rush to get an operation.


I had Hyper thyroidism/Thyrotoxicosis which was confined to my Thyroid gland.

My first symptom was an unexplained loss of weight, rapid pulse, outbursts of rage, sweating profusely, paranoia and ravenous hunger.

Later I had palpitations and muscle weakness with bulging eyes and swollen Thyroid gland /Goitre. Also swollen feet and legs later in the day/evening.

I noticed my weight loss in the Sept but it was 9 months before I was diagnosed by GP due to my shaking hands, bulging eyes and Thyroid and I was only 5 stone despite constantly eating high calory food.

He said I had had it developing for some years to have got that bad as does not happen over night.


I can understand this. Many years later I am diagnosed as having auto immune thyroditis. At one point my blood showed very high hyperthyroidism (which I solved nutritionally). For many years basic tests showed normal thyroid which it clearly wasn't with a goiter. In the end it was going to an expert consultant on gluten sensitivity, and the blood results from that which got to the root of things better. maybe worth listening to The Gluten Summit online. The leading expert is in the U.S.



Have you been tested for Hashimoto thyroiditis?


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