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Help please

I have use to have hyperthyroidism but since I took that radiation pill about 1 year ago I now have develop hypothyroidism I haven't been taking my levi...?? Meds in about 6 mths. I'm tired all the time and sleepy. I'm on a waiting a list to see my old thyroid Dr. What should I do? He stop giving my meds because I wasn't see him anymore because of my insurance. What is my body doing? I know my thyroid is working at a low rate. Please help me

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Why did you stop taking your Levo? This is why you are tired all the time and sleepy. You are hypothyroid but not being treated. You need to start taking your thyroid meds again.


My Dr won't presribe me any until I come in to see him again... What else could happen. If I wait longer? Coma?? Joints??


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