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Help understanding thyroid results and what normal range is??


I've just had my test results back but could do with some help understanding them (my gp is on leave).

I've been told they are 'normal'. I asked for the levels and ranges which are below. Is the range given for what they are classing as normal? I.e within it the don't treat? Or is within the range a indicator for hypothyroidism?

My levels:

TSH 0.58 (range 0.38-5.33)

T4 (FT4) 12.2 (range 8-16)

Antibodies- (TPO) - 2

Any help would be very appreciated.


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TSH 0.58 is low in range 0.38 - 5.33 so it excludes primary hypothyroidism. If you had primary hypothyroidism TSH would be >5.33.

FT4 12.2 is mid-range in range 8 -16 which excludes primary and central or secondary hypothyroidism. If you had central hypothyroidism TSH could be low-normal but FT4 would be bottom of range or below range.

The lowest TPO range I have seen is <34. 2 is <34 so you are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

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