My Endo sending is me for this test below

My Endo sending is me for this test below

I took notes like you all said explaining I felt worse on levo but just able to tolerate 1/4 tablet. She said I may have Addison and to continue on 1/4 until the results come back. She couldn't feel any swelling in my neck so didn't want to do a ultra sound. I'm happy with how it went today even though I'm still unclear about what's actually going on with my thyroid, had anyone else had this test please? Thank you.

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  • Very few people have abnormal short synacthen tests. It tests cortisol to see if you have Addisons or Cushings. It just involves an injection and then blood draw. Mine was abnormal and I couldn't stop crying even though I didn't have any reason to cry. So take plenty of tissues, just in case. I actually felt better after mine than I did before and drove home with no problem. If it is abnormal you'll usually get sent for more tests - MRI or CT scan, ECG and/or insulin stress test (very, very nasty)

  • Thank you angel for sharing that information it is helpful. Only if you feel up to it could you pm me with the symptoms that you had and meds they gave you please, thank you x

  • Pardon me AoftheN but my curiosity has got the better of me and I HAVE to ask: What is the "very, very nasty ECG and/or insulin stress test"?

  • Insulin stress test. The test just an insulin injection followed by bloods every half hour for most of the day, then a glass of flat lucozade. It's the after effects that are so bad. ECG is just a minute of so of rest with some electrodes stuck to you.

  • Oh yikes, blood tests every half an hour, yes, that's very very nasty. I can hardly bear them every half a year.


  • That was fine, it was the extreme nausea, dizziness and headache that it caused.

  • What was your cortisol level and at what time of the day was it taken....mine was low at 0700-0900 am and was referred for the same test but all came back normal....

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