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Cystic goitre

Hi, does anyone have a cystic goitre? And if so how do you deal with it? Mine causes me pain, well not till they drained it then it came back but was pushing on a nerve in my neck which caused me some much pain I was admitted to a&e and had an MRI scan, but today they drained it again and the pain in my neck went. I'm now worried this will keep refilling and I'm in pain again. Should I request having it removed or not?! I'm so confused, fed up of feeling like crap and tired of being tired and the pain!

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I has similar in the past and was left pressing in it for quite awhile after it was drained and it didn't return. I also had a ganglion on the back of my hand that was being continually drained but the last time I had it done the doctor held my hand and pressed on it whilst we talked and that never came back either so healing hands, coincidence or the pressure? Don't know but the pressure may have been the key.

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