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I need to lose one stone

Hi all, I know this is a common problem with hypo but I have spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis too and I need to find a safe way to lose a stone and keep it off if possible as the extra weight is causing serious issues to my spine. I'm medicated for everything and am a regular gym goer and eat a good varied diet. Has anyone got any ideas???

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I have hashimotos and cervical spondylosis as well as sacral iliac joint disorder and other spnal issues! I've lost 35 pounds, in 4-5 months by converting to a low carb, healthy fats way of eating. My cholesterol has gone down, I'm no longer pre-diabetic and feel good.

My first port of call was dietdoctor.com as well as recipes there is a wealth of information on why this way of eating is healthy. I also use ditchthecarbs.com

Both have been life changing. :-)


This is brilliant thank you! I have loads of weird auto immune disorders and freaky bone things! I'm going to look right now! Thanks again 🙂

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Have you looked at the reported link between spondylitis and low vit D?


I haven't penny but I will now. My bit D was almost zero (I know!) and I take a bit d supplement but it may need increasing by the sound of it. I'll check my blood result book again! Thanks for your reply 🙂


What dose of vitamin D do you take?


25 ug


That's 1000 iU of vitamin D which isn't nearly enough if yours got down to almost zero. I hope you are taking vitamin D3 and not D2.

Have you ever had a re-test of your vitamin D since starting to supplement? How long have you been supplementing for?

The optimal level of vitamin D for people with thyroid problems is around 100 - 150 nmol/L, wherever it needs to be to maximise how well the patient feels. Personally, I try to keep mine at about 100 nmol/L, but some other people prefer a higher level.

Please read what SeasideSusie has to say about vitamin D and other nutrients in the first reply in this thread :



My vitamin d is currently averaging at 50 nmol/ L and I'm not sure whether it is vitamin D3 or D2 but it's an over the counter one . The hospital told me to get it on prescription but my GP said they don't do it but the pharmacist said they do!!!


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