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NHS result - going to medichecks


Hi, just had my result back from GP - TSH 1.76 (that's all they would check on the blood test). Given my symptoms I've now ordered the full thyroid test through medichecks. My husband is saying it's a waste of money if NHS tests are coming back ok, but I feel so rubbish :-( am I right in thinking that TSH can appear normal even if there is something wrong?

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Futuregirl - yes, TSH can appear normal but something can be wrong. Wait and see what your Medichecks results say, no use filling your head with information at the moment that may not be appropriate. Post your results when you get them, include the reference ranges, and members will comment.

I'm sure you'd feel much happier with a supportive husband :( - NHS isn't as wonderful as a lot of people believe, particularly where thyroid disease is concerned. There wouldn't be over 60,000 members of this community seeking help if all was hunky dory in thyroid land!

Trouble is members of your family who have no problems, particularly with thyroid - because it affects so much of your bodily functions and general well being - they just can't get their head around it. I mean men don't like to get involved with women's hormones ever do they. All they know of is premenstrual syndrome, isn't it? Making jokes about the week before a period and their other halve's temper????

They don't have the menopause like we do either, their hormones only seem to reduce, not cease!

Basically they don't know they are born do they?

Thank you - I'll post them here once I have them!

Rusty64 in reply to futuregirl

And as no one wants to see your original post here lost in the shuffle of newer posts... once test results are in hand create a new post with a (catchy, but really subtle) title like... "Hey! Results are in! 👋👋👋 please comment on levels for newbie!!" Or something similar 😊 X Rusty.


TSH 1.76 rules out primary hypothyroidism but you need to see FT4 and/or FT3 in range to exclude secondary hypothyroidism.

TSH - FT4 - FT3 & anti-bodies TPO & TG. Don't forget B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - as they too are important.

I knocked myself unconscious falling off a bike once, but that was years and years ago? No blood loss that I can think of. My grandma (mum's mum) was hypothyroid


Yes - we can have many clinical symptoms and TSH and T4 cannot tell you that. Dr Skinner (RIP) tried to reason with the Endocrinology but they wouldn't listen to a man of his expertise (Virologist) and he stated that patients were in a 'parlous' situation through being undiagnosed due to the fixation on the blood tests alone.



Your instinct supersedes anything doctor states.

It's an excellent idea to have a full thyroid panel via Medichecks - TSH, as I'm sure you're aware, isn't the be-all and end-all some doctors seem to think it is. I am SO glad I sent off for mine just a year ago now. I knew something was majorly wrong and it came back showing elevated antibodies, even though my TSH wasn't 'over-range' (it was still near the top of the ridiculous range the UK uses). My doc said the NHS wouldn't have tested for antibodies so there's no way to know unless you do.

Make a new post once you have them as the others up higher have said - hope you can get to the bottom of why you are feeling ill.


I hope you ordered the full Thyroid plus ultra vitamin test. You need to know vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels too, as well at FT4, FT3, and thyroid antibodies

If you didn't, then suggest you ring up and change the order.

I've ordered the thyroid check plus which does TSH, FT4, TT4, FT3, and antibodies. I didn't get the one with vitamins will ring up and see if it's not too late to change it!

I had a TSH on NHS of 1 had Medichecks blood finger prick that showed huge antibodies and a slightly higher than NHS TSH.

Went back to GP she didn't/couldn't do anything she said. So went private to brilliant endo who ran further tests and was diagnosed and now being treated.

I apologise for rambling on but my point is I felt so bad had many symptoms and would still be very sick if I hadn't got the medichecks and with advice from here followed it up.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Kes8

Yes - I was lucky my Hashimoto's was picked up early by my GP. Antibodies so high they were off the scale

But in 20 years vitamin D was only checked once - it was extremely low but I was never told result nor advised to supplement

Only found that out when I got online access to my medical record & old blood test results at my previous GP practice.

No online records available at new practice

I now do all my own blood tests privately

Hi reallyfedup123. Really interested in your comment about "have you had a bang on the head or massive blood loss at some point". Is there a link to this and thyroid disorders? Thanks

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