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Second post diagnosed with over active thyroid caused by a toxic nodule

I saw an endocrinologist middle of June and I am relieved to say after reading some of your posts he seems very good. He made sure he explained what was wrong that it is treatable not to worry and talked me through my blood test results. He took time and was very patient. He started me on Carbimazole 15mgs daily and Propranolol 20mgs 3 times daily. He then rang me yesterday to increase my Carbimazole to 10mgs twice daily due to my blood results. They were FTS 43.2 range he suggested 22 (so double normal his words) and TSH 0.01 range .5 An appointment is scheduled for mid August as he wants to do another blood test. This is not my local hospital as they had no appointments for 20 weeks. My weight lose has been substantial along with all the other symptoms, hand shakes, rapid heart beat, a very healthy appetite but processing my food very quickly. I was really worried about the drugs but I am starting to feel the benefit and if I don't over do it I feel better than I have done for months. My question is this do I take my medication before my blood test, my appointment for consultant is for 3.30pm? So blood draw will be after that/

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Hi dodger123, sounds like you've found a good endo which is pretty lucky as they are few and far between. It shouldn't make any difference to your test results if you take your meds it's not the same as when your taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism.


thank you for your reply and I do seem to have been very lucky


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