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New member and new post, need advise

Hi All,

I don't live in UK but I'm happy to find this community dedicated for thyroid and I hope you can help me.

I have recently noticed small enlargement in left side of my nick, its not painful though. I went to the Doctor and after blood test and nick ultrasound he said I have hyperthyroid. I have not been giving any medication yet by my doctor as he say he needs to do thyroid isotope scan to know if its infection.

my result are below.

Free T3=5.21, reference range:2.77-5.27

Free T4=1.15, reference range: 0.78-2.19

TSH RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES=0.59 , reference range :0-16

Nick ultrasound report:( enlarged multi-nodular thyroid gland showing sizable left lobe ,heterogeneous complex soft tissue nodule (21X30 mm) with central cystic area, reaching upper limit of the mainiburum with no definite retro sternal extension detected. Right lobe showing two sizable soft tissue fairly heterogeneous nodule(each about=18x16mm) both carotid sheaths are free.no cervical adenopathy, normal neck vasculature.)

I suffer stress , nervousness, heat Intolerance and my heart beat rate is little high as per my doctor.

please help me if anyone suffer the same symptoms or know someone who does, please advise .what do I have?

thank you everyone in advanced.

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Sounds like your thyroid is Overactive =Hyperthyroid

You are likely to be put on carbimazole or offered RAI or surgury

Do not accept RAI whatever you do


Thanks for ur advise regardig RAI


Welcome to the forum, Mariana-b.

Thyroid UK is a UK charity and forum but members are welcome from anywhere in the world.

Thyroid results are meaningless without the lab ref ranges. Can you post them (they're the figures in brackets after the results). You can edit your post by clicking on the v down arrow underneath it and select Edit.

If you are hyperthyroid you are a producing too much thyroid hormone and that can cause anxiety, tremors, fast heart and pulse, heat intolerance, diarrhoea, sweating, weight loss and other symptoms. A thyroid isotope scan can confirm whether you are hyperthyroid or whether it is likely you have a non-thyroidal infection.

It's not unusual to have nodules. In the UK large nodules around 2cm are usually fine needle aspiration biopsied to rule out malignancy.

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reference range added.

thank you.



I should have asked for your TSH result too?

Your FT3 and FT4 are within range so you are not hyperthyroid.

TSH Receptor Antibodies are positive for Graves Disease which usually causes autoimmune hyperthyroidism.


Hi Clutter,

see below TSH result.

TSH 0.150 *L REF RANGE:0.4 - 4



Technically you are not yet subclinically hyperthyroid which is when TSH is <01.0 with FT4 and FT3 in normal range. Having positive Graves antibodies, TSH almost suppressed and FT3 at the high end of range does indicate you may become hyperthyroid and that is why your doctor is checking your thyroid with the radioactive uptake scan.


Thanks for your reply clutter. Im nervouse and waiting for my radioactive scan on monday. My mom has hypotheroid and may be thats why doctor want me to do the scan.


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