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Thyroid Nodules+Hyperthyroidism Left Untreated?????

About 2 years ago I posted about my thyroid nodules that were found in my neck. My doctor hasn't really been talking much about any follow ups or anything. I wanted to know what caused these nodules but I never really seen a specialist about my thyroid. I did about 2 years ago but it was just a small appointment that was mainly more like a "check up" and he referred me to a doc that I never went to (my father forgot the date of the appointment and we missed it :/ ).

Now I'm freaking out because I came across Thyroid Storm which is a life threatening condition associating with untreated Graves/Hyperthyroidism.

I honestly don't even know what I have at this point. I feel nervous sometimes and get jittery. Sometimes I get these hot flashes (result of my nervousness).

I just need some time to calm down 😢

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Hi consciousx, I think lots of people have these as there are posts every week concerning them. Here are a few links that I think will help calm you down and also give you some idea about what to do. stopthethyroidmadness.com/s...

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Hi consciousx, OK first thing I would say is to relax. Thyroid storm is actually quite rare and they act as if it comes from nowhere - not true - there's a build up to it. Often the patient has lost significant weight in the weeks before and experienced increased symptoms. So do not let anyone scare you unnecessarily. Secondly plenty, plenty of people with hyperthyroid go untreated- many people have it for years before diagnosis, many refuse treatments (I fell into that category for years) and others (Elaine Moore has figures on this) never realize they have it. Why? Because symptoms and levels of hyperthyroidism differ significantly!! Many people, websites and doctors will throw worst case scenarios at you because they know fuck all about this disease and they are covering themselves or worse still it's the party line used to bully patients into ineffective and grossly outdated treatments (eg RAI). So I return to the relax suggestion and then when you feel more relaxed inform yourself from reliable sources stopthethyroidmadness, elainemoore.com, naturalendocrinesolutions (although requires slight pinch of salt imho). My favourite is Elaine Moore for anything hyper, she's a qualified pharmacologist and graves patient and her advice is very balanced between western and holistic approaches. Most importantly she gives proper information about thyroid storm as well as steps to avoid or combat it. Then finally once you feel calmer and informed you can return to your doctor and know what you need and want. Good luck and honestly it will be okay. Best wishes, Cat


You will probably have no success in finding out the actual cause of any thyroid related affliction. I tried, even offered the endo a likely answer, but he admitted he simply did not know the actual cause of my goitre, only the way it progressed once it had started.

Unless you have significant symptoms, hyper or hypo, It is best not to worry about things too much, but be sure to tell your GP if changes occur. He will then have on record a series of events about your health and be in a position to give you better advice than if, the first time he saw you in 10 years, you needed two friends to help you stagger into his surgery. At least that is what I would suggest if you lived in the UK, but in the USA, no idea.

Advisable not to take any pills to address a single specific problem if the overall cause could be a misbehaving thyroid gland.

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First you need an ultra sound to determine the location and extent of these nodules, then you need a Fine Needle Analysis (an FNA) to determine if the nodules are benign. The faster you do this the better.

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