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Connected to hypothyroidism (Hashimotos)?

Hi all :D I was diagnosed sub-clinical hypothyroid about 20+ months ago (after 20 plus years of going to the docs with fatigue/TATT etc and being offered/given anti-depressants...and being told all was fine by docs...receptionists.....)...was initially given low dose levothyroxine....no change months later and was then told I had autoimmune thyroiditis (Hypo) but only after I pushed for more tests and saw a new doctor (no longer there!) meds upped a step...been tested a few more times, and I'm still 'ok' and meds are 'working'...no change as far as I can see.....now I've got 3 referrals waiting.....main one being neuro (right side of face has been numb'ish' for nearly 3 months) - like the after effects of the dentist plus tingling/painful prickling/tightening/sensitive/feeling wet? Had the same feelings in various limbs etc for + 3 years......is this in any way connected to thyroid issues or is this likely to be something else?

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hi Chris, it very well can be. Your whole body needs T3 which includes your brain, heart, all smooth muscle and when you have low levels your body has to cut corners. Thyroid hormone affects your serotonin, dopamine and therefore your mood. Smooth muscle so swallowing and digesting, pinching of muscles, building up of mucin which is a layer of your skin. It also causes your adrenals to make up the slack by using adrenaline and releasing cortisol which then shuts down digestion and a probably a slew of other things. When food sticks around fermenting instead of digesting you then set up a cause for bacterial growth. And of course your body temperature goes DOWN below normal which means you burn calories less than normal people. I've read that equals about 17 calories per hour less than normal people burn in a resting state.

Chris, the way the NHS treats patients is tantamount to malpractice. Terrible. Five-minute videos by this man explains the variety of symptoms you can have with low thyroid for any reason. This is #1 but you can find the rest on You Tube.


Thank you so much for your reply :) In all honesty, if I had the energy to read all of the things I've bookmarked, bought etc on thyroid/hashis etc I may not be in the position I am, but I am so flat out most of the time! Thanks again :)


When you have low thyroid you also have LOW B12. When results are below 500 it can become a neurological issue. Please be tested asap - also FOLATE -FERRITIN - VIT D. An iron profile too.

Always obtain copies of all your results - they are legally yours. Go back as far as you can and you will probably find you have had thyroid issues for years.

Are you taking any other meds ?

Will post links later. Your treatment is a scandal - thank goodness you have found this site.


I'm thinking of buying some tests privately because docs are only interested in the obvious thyroid hormones etc....which is daft when you think that it must be serious enough to be offered free prescriptions (in the UK) for 5 years?! Going to check vitamins etc as well....otherwise my brain is going all over with what it could be!

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Sometimes they have offers - so look out for them. Blue Horizon do one that includes the FULL Thyroid profile and all the vitamins and minerals - think it is called Thyroid 11 or similar !! I live in Crete so just pop into the Testing Lab in the next village and tick the boxes :-)


Scroll down in the above link to view the NEUROLOGICAL Signs and Symptoms of Low B12. Also look at the headings on the Left and Click onto Films and watch the videos to understand the seriousness of the condition that is so often missed by the Doctors.

I had my Terminal Ileum removed over 43 years ago - it is the area of gut where the B12 is metabolised . Sadly they forgot to tell me I would need B12 injections/supplements for life and so I live with the consequences which are difficult at times.


Post results here of your recent Thyroid tests, plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12, including ranges

Extremely common with Hashimoto's to have low vitamin levels. Hashimoto's affects the gut, often with hidden food intolerances, most likely is gluten.

Leaky gut and gluten intolerance can really reduce ability to absorb nutrients.

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website for masses of info about Hashimoto's

Other American sites are Amy Myers and Chris Kresser

Also home site of this support group - Thyroid UK

Medics often unaware of gut, gluten and vitamin connections to Hashimoto's

Peripheral neuropathy linked to low vitamin B's, vitamin D and Hashimoto's


NB this article is American, with USA vitamin D measurement units

Convert to Uk units here



I do have IBS as well....have for..ooh...30 ish years.....feel old now!


i suspect you have actually had full blown Hashimotos all along and the idiots relied only on TSH ....ask for results of all your sub clinical hypo results i bet i know what they have missed and you would have good grounds for a negligence case


I know I've likely had something going on for years (decades probably!) but to be honest, I've had my fill of negligence cases (me on behalf of other people)....I just haven't the energy now...


Just to add to the excellant responses: your doc these days goes on blood tests alone. There are several issues surrounding blood tests. The ranges are very wide so what is abnormal for you prior to illnes can look normal as it maybe within range on the blood test.

Secondly many docs are told to go on the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which is a wide range so can be in range but your actual thyroid levels (ft4 & ft3) are low or low but in range. Really your doc should be looking at thyroid hormone levels as they are more informative.

Thirdly with Hashis in the early stages your thyroid hormone levels & TSH can swing wildly as your body varies in how it attacks the thyroid so your blood test will have varied -docs go on three consecutive over range TSH blood test results. I know several people who as a consequence took years to get diagnosis because of this.

finally doctors are given such little training in this that they frequently miss the symptoms as there are myriad of how you present.

The only way to become really well is to arm yourself with knowledge as much as possible so you are well informed & be prepared to step out of the box if your GP wont help. There are lots of people on here with amazing knowledge & expertise to help you turn things found.

In future always ask for copies of any blood tests, tests or letters written & keep your own file. This can be helpful in looking back for patterns & for info.

The mis treatment & poor diagnosis of thyroid conditions is shockingly long & sadly you are mot unusual.

Checking & getting your B12 levels corrected to at least above 500 which maybe tied into a need for a gluten free diet is vital. This does not mean you have celiacs but this should be checked as well. Long term low B12 can cause neurological symptoms such as the facial numbness you describe. Again the B12 range is wide. The Pernicious Anemia Society says everyones level should be over 500 but the blood test range for normal goes as low as 180!! This means many people are missed or left too long as long term damage can be caused if not picked up & corrected.

Apologies for the length of this post!!!


Thanks for your response :) I'm going to pay for some private tests (full thyroid work up/vitamins etc)........I do have IBS...have done for nearly 30 years....but it's either never been 'really bad' or I've just put up with it, so we';; see :) I am bothered by all the weired numbness/odd feelings that I'm getting in my face/arms/legs etc.....I've got friends and colleagues who have these things on a daily basis and lets just say I hope to god I don't have what they have...but if I do, I'll get on with it :)


Low B12 or pernicous aneamia can cause those symptoms

What family history of ill health is there ?

Do you use aluminium or non stick coated or foil cookware

Have you tried going wheat free or gluten free as they are often involved in IBS

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Hi, if I can get away with it I don't cook (everything is a one pan meal or a slow cooker meal for the next 5 days at least! ).....I shop maybe every 4 to 6/7 weeks at a push...basics through the week :)........Starting to think I've got these vitamin deficits! I'm going to get checked out before cutting things out of my diet....I know what I'm like....if I know I can't have it........:p


clearly then you are not eating a sensible balanced diet full of fresh salads fruit,veggies

slow cookers have an alumi ium element and you have not answered the question as to what your cookware is made of

"we are what we eat " is a very major part of many many diseases


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