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Wide Spread Tendonitis

Hi, was just wondering if I could get some advice. I have had tendonitis in my ankle for years and now have it in my thumb, I have had 2 ops (1 ankle, 1 thumb) and now it has come back in ankle.

I was wondering if these could be connected to anything, or to my thyroid. I did the 'dreaded' Google search and fibromyalgia or lupus came up lots.

Would really appreciate some advice. Thanks.

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Unfortunately tendonitis can be caused by or made worse causing symptoms by anything. From thyroid problems to low nutrients to other illnesses to overuse injuries,or a combination of any of them.

The first step is to ensure you are optimally medicated and optimally nutrient efficient. If you have recently test results for thyroid hormones and nutrients post them with ranges so other posters can have a look.

Then the next step if you are - and most people aren't - is to rule out other illnesses except those like fibromyalgia and ME. The reason for that is the latter two are diagnoses you get when doctors don't know what else to say.


Huge, I have an appointment next week with the doctor so I will be posting my ranges then as I'm going to ask for all my levels to be checked and my nutrients.. I know that my thyroid isn't medicated properly as I was at a horrible doctors who took me off themy.. I have recently changed so will hopefully get new tests then




Personally I would read up on the symptoms and signs of low nutrients, and mention any of them you have to the doctors that fit them so they will test you for them.

The nutrients and tests I'm thinking off are for vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D, and iron (ferritin and haemoglobin ).

Just be aware you may have to buy your own supplements and own private repeat tests to get to optimal levels.

For thyroid they should test TSH and free T4. If you want free T3 tested you will have to do it privately.


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