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Yah 4.83 and fatigue

Hi wanted some opinions please

Have had full thyroidectormy and on sunthrood .125mcg but extreme fatigue this winter and so doctor checked m my yah and said it was hypo. She said I should be at 2. So she increased the sunthrood 4 weeks ago and I still feel so exhausted like I'm going to drop I go to bed 830 pm most days and wake up at 7 am and still tired by the late afternoon

Thyroid has been lit for 8 years now and I've always felt ok on sunthrood not sure why it went hypo and I've gains so much weight

Can this level of 4.83 really be causing all this exhaustion and would there ot ha e been an improvement in 4 weeks? Thank you for your responses

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Yes, it wont help. Do you mean synthroid? It can take a couple of months before you feel the effects of a new dose. If you upped the dose four weeks ago, you should have another test in 2-4 weeks to check if has brought your TSH down. Although 1 or under is better than 2.

You may also want a T3 test done in case you are not converting the T4. Many with no thyroids are better off with some t3 anyway.

Also get your vit b12, folate, Vit D and iron levels looked at as many of us hypos are deficient in this and symptoms are similar plus these are required for good thyroid levels. Post your results on here if you have already had them tested.

Are you eating enough or healthily enough?


Thank you that was helpful. I noticed in previous results I have been 1.1 and I have felt fine. This is truly the first issues since the thyroid was remove 8 years ago.

I was complaining of tiredness since December. Yes all other results iron b12 are fine

Sorry yes I meant synthroid aucorrect didn't like it lol

Ok I will push to be around 1 then

Are you saying even tho I was already taking synthroid it can still take months for the new dose to push me into the 1s or 2s?


Yes it can take 6-8 weeks for increases to show effects in symptoms and lab results which is why they will always wait this long for a retest :-)

If it was your doc saying vit levels were fine, I'd post them anyway as many literally have no clue what to do with these and people who are really deficient and very ill have not been treated plus NHS ranges are generally far from optimal lol :-)


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