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A bit confused!!!


Was reading BBC news app In March they put a item up about items the NHS no longer prescribes. Top of the list £30 million on T3.

Why do we then get exemption for drugs relating to hypothyroid conditions

Is seems a bit like they don't know their bottoms from their elbows (being polite there).

Also there are 58,000 odd people on this forum all struggling Do 58,00 odd people count for nothing !!!

(Apologises if I rub people up the wrong way with my posts. I feel angry and I feel the endo lied to me about my treatment. )

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T3 continues to be prescribed on the NHS for now. There is a consultation which has not yet concluded which is considering stopping prescribing of what they describe as some low value drugs. T3 is one and suggestion is that Levothyroxine should be prescribed instead. NHSCC has said that it will not be a blanket ban but that isn't much consolation to those whose GPs have jumped the gun and withdrawn their T3 prescriptions. Some health authorities banned the prescribing of T3 some time ago.

Snoddyoddbod in reply to Clutter

Thank you Clutter for explaining it

So how do we stop them withdrawing it completely?

cwill in reply to Snoddyoddbod

Good question. We are all pondering that and doing what we can to raise the issue with all our contacts I think. But they are like a large tanker that takes a very long time and considerable skill to turn.

This is off-topic, Snoddyoddbod, but I just wanted to ask what your account picture is?

The cats whiskers I cannot seem to get a picture to go in the right place. So it's one of my cats sticking his whiskers in the way lol

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