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46 with Minimal kidneys decease, Lupus Nephritis, hypothyroidism & hashimotos & Sjogrens, Post menopausal for 3 years and gallbladder issue

Hello all I have been dealing with different things all at once. I'm in remission fior kidney decease and Lupus nephritis. I have a handle on Lupus and Sjogrens, although dealing with daily pain and suffering.

The problem I've been having for the past few months have been breast pain and minor mushy lumps throughout my chest and breast and under both underarm lymphnodes. All I've learned is through reading these post and google.

At first I was freaking out thinking of breast cancer but now it sounds like it's my lymphatic system. The primary has no clue and sent me to the general surgeon. I have been waiting to see an endocrinologist for over a month. My TSH levels are low so I think my hashimotos is acting up. I've never had symptoms like this before.

Should I be worried? What kind of specialist can I see besides endocrinologist? Any suggestion will be welcome!

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I'm very sorry you feel so unwell but I have no experience of your conditions. I hope you get good advice soon. Please try not to worry, just make an action plan and work through it.


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