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Hello all. I will be making a trip to my GP next week one final time and insisting they take me seriously. I have had symptoms of hypothyroid/hashimotos for over 20 years and they have escalated since I gave birth 8 years ago. Yet, as my bloods are in the so-called 'normal' range, I am considered to have no thyroid issues.

I have lost 70% of my hair. My periods have all but stopped. My libido is non-existant. Chronic migraines (3 plus a week). One of my eyes bulges from time-to-time - my eyes look 'odd' in general and appear to have shifted position!

I have terrifying heart palpitations - and beats are completely missed at times or slow down (I can actually feel this happening). I sweat absolute buckets and have an abnormal intolerance to even the 'mildest' of temperatures (which won't be felt as 'mild' to me!). I have bad dizzy spells - the room literally spins. I fell badly yesterday. Shocking circulation. Dry, prematurely aged skin. I could claw my eyes out such is the irritation. I spat up blood yesterday for no obvious reason.

I cannot shift my weight for love nor money. I have never been so exhausted in my entire life - yet I cannot sleep (I wake up about 40 times a night). My memory is shocking. I am suicidal. I could go on and on.

I feel it is

clear that from my blood tests that the whole gamut of tests are probably not being conducted.

Please note these bloods were taken 8 months ago and my symptoms have drastically worsened since then. I cannot recall if I fasted.

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I can't actually read your test results as it is too small.

Can you do two separate posts with a sheet in each.

Use a title such as "test result one out of two" and "test results two out of two" so people know you have two lots of sheets of tests to look at.

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Thanks Bluebug. I've just done this. Hope its clearer now.


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