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A dear friend sent this to me not so long ago and Ive been meaning to share it ever since, sure she won't mind; Sorry if this has been shared before but if repeats are good enough for the BBC they are good enough for me. Oh heck that's revealing my age remembering the repeats of the 70s / 80s of the BBC !

Anyhows I think this spoon theory is a great help in my thinking since discovering it and hope it helps others,


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I loved that! Thanks for posting! !! I wish I had this a week ago..

I met a guy, or well known him years ago, and two years ago he contacted me and wanted to hear how I am doing.

Eventually he managed to get me to meet him , I had told him on the phone how ill I am. The look on his face when he saw me was surprised. He couldn't stop staring at me, he couldn't stop touching me and he said that I look gorgeous, not ill at all.

He just didn't get the truth.

He kept admiring my body, my hair and he said I look so well.

I couldn't make him understand.

Then he asked why I am not with someone and I tried to explain it and said I just don't have any energy. He asks how I look so "perky" even though I have told him how fatigued I am and want to sleep a lot. I tried to explain it's down to choices as I knew I was meeting him I skipped something else, and pay the price next day. That I have to make choices every day.

If I go biking today I won't do much for next three days and so on.

I wish I had this spoon theory to show him!


Glad you like it Justiina

Also glad your looking so good : ) I look like a sweaty fat dwarf ! No offense meant to any height challenged people x



Well he is one of those people who think skinny is healthy and he didn't expect me to be in this state.

I don't behave like ill person supposedly behave. Whatever that is? As people seem to assume one has to be miserable, no sense of humour etc. Ill people can't be fun! That's forbidden.


Thank you for posting this article; I haven't come across it before. I will always try to remember it, not necessarily for an explanation to family, friends, colleagues and the like, but mainly for me. I don't have lupus but I have battled with an alien inside me called thyroid illness for 40 years. And I do mean battled. I have tried to ignore it, argue with it, railed against it and defeat it, but it always has the last laugh. I am a stubborn old woman and it comes hard to me to give in but on reading that article I think I should perhaps be a little more kind to myself. My alien will never go away, I will never defeat it but perhaps if I am sensible I can learn to count my spoons and outwit it occasionally. I am just going to get in the shower, no shaving my legs as my hair doesn't grow so only one spoon down 😂. Love and best wishes to all

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Yep I know that feeling too. 30 years of battling the fat thyroid alien inside. And I agree, Ive found it a great tool for me.

Since realising I was under medicated and discovering the exsistence of t3 medication in February Ive been very arr sod it, especially when it comes to food. Ive enjoyed many a gf triple choc cookie, numerous bars of chocolate and too many bacon butties. unfortunately I'm down to only one pair of jeans that I can just about squeeze into. But its been fun lol ! Theres a lot to be said for arr sod it and being kind to yourself


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