Adding t4 to t3

Hi, starting to add t4 to t3.I took 25 MCG thyroxine with my 20 MCG t3 yesterday and today.Felt so bad all morning ,would it be the thyroxine,as I thought I would not feel affects of thyroxine for about 7days.I took my usual doses of t3,10 at 12 pm and 10at 1700 too.Should I reduce my t3 by 10 in morning or just carry on with thyroxine and usual dose of 20t3 until thyroxine builds up in body.

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What were your last thyroid results on 40mcg?

Hi Clutter,last had bloods done in March when on trial of NDT,was on 1 1/2 grains and tsh 5.9 t3 3.7 that is the lowest t3ever been.could not tolerate NDT as felt hot hot hot hotter on less t3in the NDT than I took in my t3 only dose,odd.Since being on and been off NDT for 2 months now ,legs feel like jelly and numb toes and feet.Been to gp for check and he is putting it down to changes in meds.Bit b 12 is over 500.


I seem to recall your TSH was around 5.0 on 40mcg T3 before you switched to NDT? If so, I wouldn't reduce your T3 dose and would add the 25mcg Levothyroxine to 40mcg T3.

OK, Iam wanting to get up to 50 of thyroxine and 20 of t3.I have had a lot of pain on t3 although it has helped my mood and ability to walk further, just feel the body needs some t4 as well.

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