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Carbimazole v Levothyroxine

Had bloods last week and was FT4 13 put on 20mg Carbimazole down from 40mg to block and 100mg Levothyroxine to replace. Liver had a bad day and so have another bloods. FT4 gone up o 14.6 in 3 days of above doses.

Last time we went from 40mg to 20mg I went up from 6.7 to 28 FT4 in 3 weeks, at this time was not taking levothyroxine.

My Doctor has said reduce levothyroxine down to 75mg which start tomorrow.

I am not sure dropping from 40mg to 20mg is sensible and want to take 30mg for a while to keep the block up.

Thoughts advise experience of this please? many thanks

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I'm sorry you had no replies, Roderick_0707 but I see you had replies when you reposted your question.


thanks Clutter trying to find away of titling to get responses, learning curve


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