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Hi I'm new here and need help

Caught the one show last month and became aware of this potentially life saving site. Diagnosed with hashimotos 24 years ago - treated with thyroxine (currently 200mcg daily) and have suffered just about every condition on this site ever since (I'm not a hypochondriac) since levo never worked, I have seen so many 'specialists' who have diagnosed ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens. I realise from reading your posts and sage advice I need to see sympathetic endo/GP and get appropriate treatment. I am in so much pain now and feel so foolish and embarrassed for continuing to research illnesses I probably never had (ar least not in the beginning) All the signs have been there all along but I felt so awkward pressing my GP who is a pleasant woman but clearly thought I was crazy with my stories of 'waking up every day in agony' and 'feeling like I've been poisoned' the list goes on, but I feel as though I can't sometimes and I'm only really still here because of my beautiful and caring daughters, without whom I would never manage. In my now enlightened state, I am going to get my blood test results on Thursday and will hopefully return to you guys for further advice - I am also new to the internet and have borrowed my daughters I pad - this is the first time I've written anything and haven't as yet worked out the PM thing - but I will! Can I just thank everyone who works and posts on this site for giving people like me a second chance - you have given me hope x

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Welcome to the forum, Mamapea1.

When you get your blood test results and ranges write a new post and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

PM means private message. It can be used to communicate privately with members when you don't want to post on the public forum or for things like doctor recommendations or where to obtain alternative thyroid medication without prescription.

To read a private message:

To send a private message:


Thank you Clutter for your welcome,advice and info. I definitely will be using the PM pathway as I intend to get further testing (for everything) and hopefully get to try some T3 or NDT. I look forward to going down a path that isn't littered with big pharma drugs and tests that have got me nowhere so far. They must have wasted a fortune on me over the years ~ as I have myself in all manner of therapies and diets all to no avail. I feel the hypo problem has not yet been solved..... time (and tests) will tell.

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