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Menopause and weight gain with thyroid

Hi there, I am new here and seeking for advise.

I am on 125gm thyroxine for nearly 10 years now and now going through menopause.

which makes me gaining all the weight that I don't need. I went for a walk every day for 30 to 45 mins and still no sign of loosing weight.

could it be i am going through menopause and i find that my virginal is getting dry too.

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Welcome to the forum, Amylumlee.

Can you post your recent thyroid results and ranges so members can check that you are optimally dosed on 125mcg? If you are undermedicated you will gain weight.

Your GP can do a blood test to tell whether you are peri or menopausal and can recommend remedies for dry vagina.


If you are optimally dosed then I would have adrenals checked too . Thyroid and Adrenals work in unison .


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