Forgot wether I took my Levo

Oh me never missed a dose for 5 years since they took my thyroid out ,now I'm a bit concerned ,I don't know wether I've took them or not I have a daily box but I think I might have, dropped them half asleep this morning so I never took them just in case I doubled on them , does anyone know wether it's better to take double or miss it completely untill next day and what will I feel like because knowing my anxiety I will think my self into feeling ill x susan

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Try not to worry. I'm sure many have missed an occasional dose. Take levo tomorrow you will be fine.

Honestly don't worry about it just take your normal dose tomorrow.

Susan... I can't say with certainty whether doing without for a day or doubling up for a day is better or worse. I can say with certainty that, over the years, I have often skipped doses, sometimes for a few days in a row and haven't suffered any ill-effects. Saying that tho, we are all different and some of us are more sensitive than others to our meds. I have no way of knowing when I have skipped a dose except when I pick up my little daily pill container, open it up and there are yesterday's pills looking back at

If you are doing well on your thyroid meds, I honestly don't think that you will be doing any harm by skipping a dose (if that is even the case). If you have taken your meds (and are uncertain), I would rather live with the effects of under-dosing than with the effects of over-dosing (heart palps etc). It is very easy for me to say 'don't worry about it' but honestly... I think you will do just fine skipping today's dose.

Thank you you have me a lot xxx

Thank you so much I'd got myself all worked up so kind of you feel much better now xxx

I take mine a little while before I get up with a mug full of if that's nearly full I know definitely I have not taken it... it's so easy not to be sure when you just wake up. and this reassures me as I only take Levo with a lot water, never just a sip... hope that may help 😊

If you have enough tablets for this to be feasible:

Take half a tablet.

Then you will either have taken 50% of your dose (if you did forget), or 150% (if you didn't). So, whilst it guarantees that the dose will be wrong :-( , it reduces the difference between what you usually take and today to be just 50% :-) - whether that is 50% more, or 50% less.

(Otherwise you could be taking 0% or 200% of your usual dose. Or, if you are lucky, 100%)

Of course, it is far too late now...

I take mine about 5 am ..with a mug of water on the bedside table...this ensures that if it’s full I could not have taken it, as I drink a lot of water when taking it..

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