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Just Wondering

I have seen several posts recently written by people who have definite and sometimes severe vitamin deficiencies, particularly Vitamin D, and are hypothyroid (usually with antibodies). This makes me wonder which is the chicken and which the egg. I have heard it said that the low thyroid causes low stomach acid so that nutrients are not properly absorbed, which causes the deficiencies, but I am beginning to wonder whether there is some other mechanism in play. Does our western indoor lifestyle play a part? Is there a lower incidence of hypothyroidism in countries where people have more sunlight or a vitamin-D rich diet? Is the incidence of hypothyroidism lower in places where they have higher B12 levels? Is there something about having healthy levels of these nutrients that helps our bodies keep thyroid antibodies in check?

I know it's popular to blame problems on 'leaky gut' and gluten but it does seem to be anecdotal rather than statistical at present. It would be interesting to know whether there are populations of people around the world who have much lower levels of hypothyroidism, and what we can learn from them.

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Many moons ago I did a post about - Low B12 and Thyroid - Chicken or Egg ? I too am overwhelmed by the number of posts where all the vitals are so low - then we keep reading the amazing replies from SeasideSusie and others. What is so concerning is that GP's constantly tell patients all is well when their results are bumping along the bottom of the range. eeng - you have pipped me to the post as I have been considering a similar post :-)

My own thoughts are that poor diets lead to deficiencies which in turn lead to poor thyroid function. Why do I think this - in my own family I have a nephew who suffered several heart attacks in his 30's which revealed a thyroid problem. From a small boy he would only eat chips :-) My Mum despaired as she so wanted to produce wonderful feasts for her family when we visited.

Of course many people say they eat well - but are they absorbing well ? Do they have hidden allergies causing inflammation ? Think of all the gut disorders - with various names - IBS - Colitis - Crohns - Diverticulitis and so on and then we also know that T3 receptors are in the gut cells .... and so it goes on.

We certainly need to look at all the systems - especially the gut health earlier in life - rather than wait for issues to arise. You have raised several points and I do believe that adequate levels of B12 and VitD play a huge role in our health. How many people know that B12 is absorbed in the Terminal Ileum where it is directed back to the liver. I have mentioned many times about B12 and the Terminal Ileum and no-one has asked me about it - so I assume everyone knows ! - possibly not. So all the gut issues would certainly interfere with the uptake of B12 as it did in my own case - without a Terminal Ileum after surgery.

I could write forever - so thank you for your post and the thoughts that prevail .... and of course we have not mentioned how gut flora is affected by vaccines and anti-biotics - OMG it is a HUGE subject. We just have to do the best we can.


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