Blood retesting timescales


I have was diagnosed as hypo 2 weeks ago and started 50mcg of levothyroxine. GP said to come back in 4-6 weeks for testing. I have booked an appointment for 5 weeks minus one day as I am on holiday in week 6. However have been reading in here that it should be 6 weeks? Should I change the date of my test or is 5 weeks ok?

Many thanks

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As it's your first retest, 5 weeks should be ok. Or, you could wait until you come back. But, make sure it's at least 6 weeks in future. And, don't forget to ask for a print-out of the results! If you live in the UK, it's your legal right to have one. You need to keep your own records.

I could rearrange for when I get back. Why is 5 weeks ok for first test but not later ones?

Because you know you're still very hypo, so a week here or there isn't going to make that much difference. When you get your TSH down to below one, and you're fine-tuning your dose, then you need to be more precise. :)

Ok thanks for the explanation.

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