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Vibration in chest

Hi I'm new here and I'm thankful I found this site! I am having a strange sensation in my chest and I'm wondering if the 112mcg dose of Levothyroxin is too much for me or if it's not enough. I don't even know how to describe it but it's very disconcerting, very uncomfortable. Like a buzzing or vibration at high speed and it makes me so tired! Stretching, resting, eating right; nothing makes it go away. I also have a heaviness in my chest that breathing deep doesn't help make it go away.Could High blood pressure meds cause this? I'm on Amlodipine Besylate,Timolol,Hydrochlorothiazide, and other medication. I'm worried that all these medications have made my heart sick! Maybe I'd been better off without them! Anyone got any ideas about what might be causing the vibrations in my chest? I'd appreciate any information before I go to my doctor about it. He will probably just think I'm crazy if I don't have something solid to tell him.

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Oh dear am not sure what all those meds are 😊 - are they for blood pressure ? Do you have recent thyroid test results with ranges as blood pressure can be linked to the thyroid.

Also raised cortisol has the effect of raising blood pressure. Have you been tested for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD. If low in range they make you feel unwell.


I was told B12 was low and to take vitamins. I take B vitamins and I take VitD. I'll see if I can get more tests done. I didn't know about cortisol raising blood pressure. Thanks for the info.

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If you are taking a B complex it will not contain enough B12. Take it alone. Do try and obtain your results with ranges - they are legally yours. You can then post with more information and will receive more helpful replies. How much VitD ?


Hi Marz, thank you for replying. I got my blood work but its been 6 months, and at that time my Folate was high, 26.3. Ref. range given is 3.4-5.4 so it's really high. I was taking B-12 shots then but now I'm just taking the vitamin. Could the shots make the Folate high?

And yes, I do have high blood pressure and the meds listed are for that.

VitD was 29 out of a ref range of 18-72 so I'm hoping that's okay.

What is TSH? Because tests say it's too low at 0.25 when it should be 0.40-4.50.

Free T4 is 0.88 and within range as far as this test shows.

I don't know about cortisol but I know I feel unwell


Your VitD needs to be around 100 - so supplementation should be carried out. VitD is fat soluble so take with the main meal - or take Healthy Origins 5000 IU containing olive oil from amazon. Also take VitK2 MK7 toensure improved levels of calcium from foods are directed to the bones and teeth and away from the arteries. Magnesium and Zinc are co-factors too and should be taken. Magnesium will help to regulate blood pressure too ...


Your TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone is fine - but I do not think that is a FT4 reading - it looks more like a TT4 - or Total T4. Do you have the B12 result before you started the shots ? Folate is over your range ....

I think you need to do lots of reading - sorry to be impolite but if you have had a Thyroid issue for 30 years and yet you have asked what a TSH is - then your GP/Doc has not given you the support you deserve. Am afraid we have to read and learn for ourselves to make progress.


The above link is the main website of this Forum - so lots of reading will help you to understand the condition more.

I really think you should find a new Doc who will look carefully at all the meds you are taking in case they are in conflict with each other and in particular with your Levo/T4. Surely raised blood pressure only needs one pill for the time being .... I am thinking your FT3 will be low and possible cause of the blood pressure.

Private Home Testing Kits are also available on the website above - I think you need the following - TSH- FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg - along with Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD - maybe with Blue Horizon.


Yes, I need to read lots and now that I've found a Forum that I can trust I am going to do just that. I think sometimes the doctors here just want to get me out of the door as soon as possible. I live in the U.S. on medicare...need I say more... :\


Also read lots and then you can always come here to ask questions :-)


Do you take all your 'additional' medications well away from levothyroxine. I note Timolol is for eye pressure so you cannot drop that one. 112mcg is not a high dose. Have you taken pulse and temp regularly to see if there are changes, i.e. too high or low.

Did you have high blood pressure before you were hypothyroid? I have read that lack of thyroid hormones can cause high b.p.

I am going to give you a list of clinical symptoms and as many doctors know nothing about symptoms they are apt to treat them as 'apart' from the thyroid gland. Maybe yours has done that:-



Hi there, yes the side effects of some of the meds you are taking especially the amlodipine are listed as such and advise you to call doctor if you get chest issues.

I know my nan was put on a very similar batch of meds and she felt awful and with so many, would be hard to say what's causing what but not sure how much the GPs are useful in these regards.

You should rule out other issues and see if you have improvements in the others areas you've been given these meds for. Posting your thyroid results on here would be useful to see if optimally medicated thyroid wise. Definitely get your Iron, Vit B12 and D and folate tested - I have heart issues when my iron and vit D are low for example.

The meds for water retention you have been given can also affect your chest and your electrolytes so may well be worth trying alternative ways to reduce this - although bear in mind I obviously don't know why you have been given them so check if a good reason for them. My water retention when went on a gluten free diet and many with thyroid issues find huge improvements with their symptoms and inflammation when they go gluten free.

Considering some of the meds you're on, would be worth ruling out diabeties and checking your sugar levels also if not already done.

I think if you don't already have a clear idea, it might be worth a chat to the doctor firstly to discuss your chest issues and also to get a clearer picture of why you've been prescribed each one and what your issues are before giving any of them up :-)

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Sorry, just to add, the levo T4 is the least likely out of that group to cause such issues as it is simply replacing a hormone that your body requires unlike the other stuff. Unless of course you are over medicated but GPs here have a tendency to undermedicate so will only be able to see if your get a print out of your thyroid results and post them on here.

Have you only just been diagnosed? if they have put you on 112mcg instantly rather than gradually (especially with your other health issues), this could also cause a few issues.


I started out on 50 mcg years ago, now it's 112mcg and I'm wondering if it's too much. I'm in the U.S. and they don't go into detail tests if you are on Medicare. I've got to learn about all of this and then try to get tests to determine where I'm at! It's all so confusing for me. Free T4 is said to be normal, Folate high but I was taking B-12 shots when this test was done. I will try to get a new set of blood tests as these are 6 months old but Medicare will probably make me wait a year. :( Maybe I should just start taking more vitamins in the mean time? Thanks for replying to me Sagguk.


I take the Levothyroxine and hour before I take anything else. I haven't taken my pulse and temp, I'll have to do that. I've had hypothyroidism for 30 years and high blood pressure for the last 15 years. Thank you for the list. I'm going to look at it right now. I wouldn't be surprised if my doctors haven't done this.


If you've been hypo for thirty years, 112mcg seems quite a low dose so well worth a check of bloods as likely to need an increase :-)


Hi Shaws, thanks for replying, I'm new so I'm learning how this site works. Love it by the way. I use to take my temp so I will start again but it was low in the past. I didn't have high blood pressure till years later, after being told I have hypoglycemic. Is that just thyroid or sugar too? Last test results showed glucose at 109.0 and said it was high. Thanks for the list, I've got many of them.


You've all given me much to think about and do! I appreciate all you advice and will stay in contact as I get answers from tests and blood work. It might take a while though, to get it all done. Thanks again.


Haven't had blood work since Nov. '16 but I went and got a copy of it and need advice about this. TSH was 0.25

FREE T4 was 0.88

Folate 26.3

Vit D 29

I don't know what else to post but I was wondering if someone would comment on these?


Also I was getting B-12 shots before this blood work.


Hi there, we need the ranges of the blood tests (the numbers in brackets after the result). Different labs have different methods of testing so can't say for sure without the range.

The TSH looks okay but not sure about the T4 level without range. Same goes for folate and Vit D although Vit D looks suspiciously deficient.


Vit D 29, Ref. Range is 18-72. on the low side I guess.

Folate was 26.3 Ref Range 3.4-5.4. Too high from B-12 shots? ( I wish I could get more blood work done.)

T4 was 0.88 Ref. Range 0.70-1.85 low normal?

TSH 0.25 Ref. Range 0.40-4.50 and it says its not normal.


I have had feelings of internal vibrations. In my case the problem was caused by high cortisol. Poor adrenal function - cortisol levels being too low or too high, plus lots of adrenaline (aka epinephrine) swishing around - is common with thyroid problems. Before you could treat poor adrenal function though, you would have to test your cortisol levels. Low and high levels of cortisol have a lot of overlap in symptoms. Treating the wrong thing would be disastrous.

Cortisol levels are best tested via a saliva test. You can find out about ordering your own tests without involving a doctor in the US from this link from the STTM website :


There are quite a few links about adrenal function, cortisol, on the STTM site. I always start with the Site Map to find what I'm looking for :



Thank you so much Humanbean for this info! I would love to try to find out about this without a doctor. I can't see him for another month and I'm really wanting to find soon! I will look into it.


The vast majority of my health issues came after a diagnosis of autoimmune hypothyroidism in 1997. My tag was over 100. I went to the docto because I began falling asleep at my desk at work and at red lights. All I could do was sleep. I cut my finger on a potato chip and it bled profusely.

After this came diagnoses of migraine, fibromyalgia, dry eye, Horner’s Syndrome secondary to a carotid tear, hypertension, endometriosis, pregnancy loss from undiagnosed fibroids, psoriasis, borderline diabetes, adhd, GERD, depression,carpel tunnel, ibs, and diverticulitis. From these ashes rose the Phoenix of my almost 13 year old wonderful daughter!!!

Migraine has been my worst issue since a recent concussion. I’m beginning Botox injections soon.

A positive attitude is a must in any chronic condition. I feel best when I move and exercise to produce natural endorphins, fending off musculoskeletal and cervical neck pain.

I also feel best when I eat a plant based diet, sea vegetables and supplements of vitamin D, B12, B complex, butternut, cinnamon, wheatgrass, nuts with protein bars and peanut butter thrown into the mix.

Despite the information above, I take daily levithyroxin, cymbalta (for pain and depression) Zoloft, adhd meds, toparimate migraine preventative, nartriptan and promethazine for migraine onset, 81 mg aspirin daily, spirolactone for hypertension, protonix for GERD, I had a partial hysterectomy in 2009. I have considered medical mj as a pain management alternative and for anxiety/adhd, and nausea but I don’t think it is an option with my employment.

There is a great book-called “Your Thyroid” I can’t recall the authors. It provides family patterns of thyroid diseases. For instance, some members develop early onset gray hair in the early 20’s) and no disease (but can pass Hyper or Hypo to offspring. Others develop hyperthyroidism prior to hypo; some Graves’ disease,others begin producing antibodies against their thyroid antibodies, but may not develop full blown Hashimoto’s (autoimmune) disease unless they are exposed to or ingest toxins or hormones in food. Some new studies (ACES) point to internal alteration in hormonal changes resulting from physical or emotional trauma.


Beegal6 you've got many health issues too and I'm right there with you on the majority of them. I'm beginning to wonder if all the medications I've been given over the years haven't caused some of my problems. I've been hearing that Cipro, Levquin, and Avalox can affect the musculoskeletal system, damage cartilage, blood thinning, vision disorders, Central nervous system disorders, arrythmias, ect. I think I've only taken Cipro but I've taken it multiple times. I had a tear in my retina four years ago, and now I'm hearing Cipro can cause this. Have you ever taken it? If what they are saying is true it can really mess you up. I've considered mj but I live in Texas so that's out for me.

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I agree-I think medications are given too liberally. Medication should be a tertiary response introduced after lifestyle changes (decreased processed food, increased exercise, pt and stretching to reduce pain, and meditation/mindfulness followed by nutrition supplementation. I also think eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy and animal products from the diet can be extremely helpful because the first three contribute to inflammation and unless grass fed, organic and raised on another planet, is likely to be laiden with hormones or toxins.

As an older and adolescent child I took antibiotics almost monthly for “sinus infection” in lieu of costly doctor visits. In reality, I had untreated allergies and needed decongestants. In early adulthood, I needed stronger antibiotics like Cipro, Levauin and Avalox. I haven’t taken an antibiotic in years now. .


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