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I have had deep pain and aching in both legs for years, it got to a point where I was literally dragging my lower body with my upper and falling often, when I fell at work they sent me to a doctor and after telling him all my symptoms and what I have gone thru he gave me a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I believe he hit it dead on and I have been suffering with it since the early 80's. So many comments on here and not one mentions fibro; please go and get another opinion , there is no cure but at least you will be able to possibly rule out other things.

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I was diagnosed with fibro some time back and completely understand the bit where you mention having to drag your lower body with your upper and the constant pain. Apparently I have compensated by using my bones and muscles higher for movement of legs and standing by using my hips to swing and locking my bones to stand etc rather than my muscle so have very low muscle tone in my legs (basically zero). I still can't seem to stop doing it as became habit after all those years since I was young even though I theoretically could now and it will apparently give me problems with damage and arthritis at some point - typical lol. Fortunately it cleared up when gave up gluten and deficiencies resolved and so on :-)

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Do you have a thyroid problems in addition to the Fibro ? Could it be that you are not being adequately treated for the Thyroid ?

I too had a diagnosis of Fbromyalgia back in 2000 - diagnosed by a Consultant Rheumatologist in the UK. On moving to Crete in 2005 I had the CORRECT thyroid testing done - to include the TSH - FT4 - FT3 and anti-bodies - followed by an ultra-sound which confirmed Hashimotos and so treatment began. Once optimally treated for the thyroid and many vitamin and minerals that were low - I am well. If you have had your thyroid tested and told it is normal - it is possible they only tested the TSH. It is the FT3 level you need to know - and is often LOW in the case with Fibromyalgia.

Do you know your VitD and B12 levels - ? Your FT3 level ?

Even Dr Sarah Myhill suggests having the thyroid correctly tested in cases of CFS/ME/Fibro to ensure it is ruled out. What tests did your GP perform to conclude it was Fibro ? Many things should be ruled out before labeling anyone with Fibro.

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Yes agree with marz, I believe many cases of CFS and Fibro are other problems not yet resolved. I also cannot convert T4 and my T3 levels were also atrocious and am on T3 only but many docs just don't test the T3 so well worth paying for the blood test :-)

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Marz, not sure to whom u were addressing but yes I have hypothyroid, was diagnosed long after my fibro diagnoses, I also broke my shoulder foot and ankle at 42 yrs. old and was then diagnosed with osteoporosis, they said I was much too young to have this. To be honest I have always believed these things are somehow affiliated with one another, I take vitamin D, vitamin B 12, magnesium, and other supplements as I was completely deficient in these, notta , nothing, unusual as I am in the sunshine often in warm weather so the vit D shouldnt have been zilch. Anyway my doctor raised my synthroid to 100 mcgs a few months ago as I have tremendous hair loss and weight gain and fatigue, but symptoms remain.


Yes the reply was for you LittleFeet 😊I wonder if you have any recent test tesults with ranges for the thyroid ? Do you have Hashimotos ?

Also results for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? How much are you taking of D3 ?

Sounds as if you are under-medicated or could it be you are taking meds that are blocking the uptake of your Levo ?

Fibro is mentioned on this Forum on a regular basis as there is a connection with Low T3.


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