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Backing Up Your Statements

This is a reminder to everyone on HealthUnlocked that you need to back up your statements with evidence.

If you cannot provide evidence for anything which you are stating as fact you MUST make sure to clearly state that it is either your personal experience or opinion.

We are dealing with unwell, vulnerable people many of whom have limited knowledge of health matters. We must be careful not to be giving information which may cause harm.


As per our Guidelines:

This is a patient to patient forum and no one, including the Admin team, on this community should be assumed to have medical training of any sort.

Everyone is only speaking from their own experience, that of friends/family or other people they may have spoken to.

People MAY be able to evidence some of their information by linking to research, reliable websites or quoting from well researched books and if at all possible this should be done when making 'definite' statements.

Just because something worked for you, this categorically does not mean that it will work for everyone. Please remember this when you post.

Content on this site does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

11. Posts, replies and comments posted on the website should be designed to support, not replace, medical advice.

12. Members posting on Thyroid UK must only post information which is true and correct to their knowledge. If relevant, please provide references to health or medical information.

15. If possible, show a clear distinction between personal experience or opinion and evidence-based information.

Full Guidelines here:

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Please read. :)

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