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Hi, i was diagnosed with hasimottos aproxamatly 3 months ago and I am currently on 100mcg of levothyroxine which has been increasing regularly. I also take all the supplements recommended by the wonderful people on this site along with vit D3(5000iu), ferrous fumerate and folic acid for deficiencies. My B12 was well into the 700's so I'm not worried about that.

Things had been slowly improving however over the past few weeks I have been getting lots of new symptoms. My hair is coming out in handfulls, Im not diabetic but keep getting what feels like a hypo but my bm was fine (I can check in work) I did get these occasionaly before but it's happened 3 times this week, and my feet are really puffy, one more than the other.

My tsh is still too high (it started at 147) but dropping inline with medication increases and I was feeling a lot better until this week. Any ideas???

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You need a new blood test as you may need an increase in levothyroxine. Hair loss is common with hypothyroidism until you get onto an optimum level for you.

You should have been having a blood test around every six weeks until you are on an optimum of hormones and the aim is a TSH of 1 or lower. Not anywhere within the range the top is around 5.

When I switched to NDT my hairloss has stopped. This is because I'm now getting enough T3. As soon as I'm too low my eyelashes are the first to start to fall out 😩I'm guessing you either need an increase in meds or you are not converting T4 to T3 properly so in that case you would either need to add T3 or switch to NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid).

I'm pretty sure it's the lack of T3.

Thanks, I've been having bloods done every 4-6 weeks and my next one is due next week. The last one was still to high and i should imagine this one will be too. Up to know I've been feeling far more human so the thyroxine is obviously doing something right.

Although the hair loss is concerning I'm more concerned about the hypo type episodes and don't know if they are connected or if it's something different.

What do you mean by a 'hypo type episode'?

I feel like my blood sugar has dropped, very shaky, week, can't concentrate. No palpitations, pulse is normal and my bm was 4.2 and 5.1 on the 2 occasions I was in a clinic with access to the machine so not a hypo as such.

Well, I'm not sure that that's what hypo feels like. It was probably because your blood sugar had dropped. What is bm?

When I was diagnosed with type I in 1991 BM was the brand name of the test strips used, wasn't the variety then and the term has just stuck. Same as bG (blood glucose) blood sugar etc.

For me hypoglycaemia symptoms are very different to hypothyroidism symptoms.

So, BM is used for testing blood sugar. Nothing to do with thyroid, then. So, how can you say that because your BM was such and such a result, that you weren't 'hypo as such'? Sorry, I don't understand any of this. :(


I don't really understand "hypo as such" either as it is a figure you are or you aren't when type I diabetic anyway.

Blood glucose reading of below 4.4 (for me) is hypo.

You mean hypothyroid? You know if you're hypothyroid by testing TSH, FT4 and FT3. Not by testing blood glucose.

No hypoglycaemic

Oh! Well, you really should specify, because for everyone else on this forum - a thyroid forum - 'hypo' means hypothyroid. :) No wonder I didn't know what you're talking about.

And, judging by the answers - or lack of them - I don't think anyone else understood either. :(

Not my thread just explaining what BM was.

Oh gosh! Sorry! It gets so confusing at times! lol Thank you for the explanation.

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