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Recent TSH levels

So in December 2016 my TSH levels were 4.81 above range

Range 0.27/4.2

Today my results of my TSH came back

4.02 just below range


Just want to say I fasted had my last meal at 7pm the night before and didn't eat again until after my bloods that were at 8:15am

I've still not had any kind of diagnose of hypothyroidism

Is it possible I could just be stressed, or do you guys think it's possible I still may have subclinical hypothyroidism

Another thing is I've lost the trust of my doctors, and Just wondered if it's worth doing this test myself at home from one of the links you guys have sent me

Any advise would help, thanks @seasidesusie

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JoshRH Personally, with a TSH that high, and no other tests from your GP, I would be doing a private test. I don't know what you have done but for thyroid you really need




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

Both Medichecks and Blue Horizon do them.


Hi susie, when do you suggest I do this test?


As soon as you like, but same rules apply - first thing in the morning, fast overnight.

Best to post Mon-Wednesday, or you could stretch to Thursday if you use Royal Mail Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm, but I don't leave it that late in the week any more as one of my Guaranteed Next Day deliveries took 48 hours!


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