Nontreatment of hypothyroidism

Hi, this my first post. I have recently been diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid, with a reading of 5.7 tsh?. My doctor says no treatment is needed. I have problems with the vast majority of symptoms listed for hypothyroidism with treatment being given to alleviate individual symptoms (poorly). What do you think I should do next?

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If you are in the UK, the doctor is following the awful guidelines of the British Thyroid Association that we have not to get hormones until the TSH reaches 10.

I have no idea how they've come to that terrible decision as in the USA you get hormone replacement if TSH is above 3.

I cannot get access at present to Thyroiduk and within it it gives good info. I will try shortly.

If your GP will not prescribe levothyroxine you will have to source your own.

Thanks Shaws, its interesting that 3.0 triggers treatment in the USA.

Before the blood tests were introduced (thus providing Big Pharma with Big Profits) doctors diagnosed upon our clinical symptoms alone and we got a trial of NDT. If we improved we were hypo :)

Welcome to the forum, Keithhodgenia.

If TSH 5.7 is over range make it clear to your GP that you are very symptomatic (you could tick of the symptoms on TUK's list below) and would like to trial Levothyroxine to see whether symptoms improve. If your GP doesn't agree see another GP at your practice or consider changing practice.

Thanks for the comments guys, I will prepare to do battle.

I've seen a couple of Drs & Endos & have evidence of TSH swinging 2.7-7 every year for 3 years, goes up, down, up, down.... I directly asked the last Endo (main one) how I can keep my TSH under 3 as that's when I feel best & he told me he doesn't know of any way! I assume the correct answer is thyroid meds which I can't get even with my T4 at bottom of range & Hashimotos!!

I saw a different GP today and as soon as I told him my body temp had been 34.4 C with an ambient temp of 22 C he was quite keen to start treatment with levothyroxine 25mg. Hopefully I can start to get this condition under control. Thanks again for some great insights into hypothyroidism, no doubt I will be in need of more advice in the future. Keep up the good work guys.

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