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Hi, thanks for the add. I was diagnosed over a year ago with hypothyroidism and give levothyroxine, I stopped taking it after 11 days as it made me depressed. My doctor says it's Levothyroxine or Nothing! I feel like the other lady at the moment where death would be preferable. I know little about the condition as I'm also diabetic and have been putting all my energies into sorting that out (I've been successful with a low carb diet). I'm losing my hair at a rate of knots (very depressing for ladies) and don't know where to turn for the thyroid issues.

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Welcome to the forum, AJOo.

Can you post your most recent thyroid results and ranges?

People do sometimes have adverse effects when they first start taking Levothyroxine but they usually resolve within 2-3 weeks. If not, it is worth discussing with your pharmacist and trying an alternative make when you get your next prescription dispensed.

There are alternatives to Levothyroxine but you won't get them prescribed on the NHS and will either have to pay for private prescriptions or buy online and self medicate.

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AJOo Well, your doctor is lying when he says there is no alternative to Levo.

First of all, there are three or four brands of Levo so he could try you on the different brands to see if any suit. Certain fillers can cause problems and they don't all contain the same.

Then there is liquid Levo.

Then there is T3 (endo referral required, but T3 is hard to get at the moment as it's expensive and the NHS doesn't want to spend the money).

Then there is dessicated thyroid, this has to be on a named patient basis'.

Check out thyroid treatments on ThyroidUK's main website thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm... (click on the purple bars).

Hair loss can be caused by Hypothyroidism, but low ferritin also can contribute, as can low levels of other vitamins and minerals globalhealingcenter.com/nat... . Ask for vitamins and minerals to be tested:

Vit D




Thank you

Hi, I got depressed just two weeks after starting with Levo. Been experimenting with different doses and combinations with NDT for some months. Ditched Levo altogether and now take 1/2 grain of thiroyd instead. Feel ok and not depressed :D . I also have diabetes type 1. Have not told any doctor about my experiments and will take new blood tests in a few weeks..

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