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Child with raised TSH

My daughter tested high for TSH, she is 6 years old. My question is she complains of sore legs, mainly at bedtime, it seems to be behind her knees. She also says her hand hurts when writing, it seems to me possibly to be in the tendons. She has a list of symptoms mainly extreme tiredness, but I wondered if this could be related. We are seeing a consultant on Wednesday to go over her latest bloods and see if the raised TSH could have been due to viral infection. There is definitely something wrong with her.

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I had very stiff joints in my hands and feet and assumed I was getting a touch of early arthritis as did the doc, since being medicated (levo) the stiffness has improved greatly and i no longer need anti inflamatories most of the time, it seems to ebb and flow with how well controlled the hypo is. If she suffers from cold hands it can also make finger joints quite uncomfortable - perhaps some pretty fingerless gloves would be worth a try. Fingers crossed it is just a blip caused by a virus 🤞🤞


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