slimming world update

1 1/2 off this week

i made a meal plan and pretty much stuck to it allowing my self a day for a takeout

also im not a fan of veg so decided to buy a soup maker and made a leek carrot and potatoe soup, leek and carrot are both high on my hate list but are classed as a speed food and i have no regrets in making that soup as its lovely, going to try swede and parsnip next as i hate those too

the more speed you have the more weight you lose

this girl is on a mission

4 Replies

  • Well done 'girl on a mission' you've done well and 1.5-lb is excellent.

  • im determined this time round, the weight ive gained is depressing

    just wish i had energy so i could prep more meals

  • Hi Mandy 72 so making a meal plan really worked, well done

  • it certainly did and now with my speedy soups for lunch im hoping the losses will be regular

    the soup is actually quite filling

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