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Problem with GP re: Diagnosis!!

Hello there! I have an underactive thyroid gland. I am now on 150 mgs of Thyroxin. All is good - I was also very fortunate to be diagnosed - 17 years ago by a very sympathetic GP- also, I was luckily in "normal range". However, I am writing this as a plea for my lovely friend. She has suffered symptoms of hypothyroidism for many years (lethargy weight gain, hair loss). Her GP has just done the basic tests - a few times, said they are negative - and has refused to send her for more tests. My friend's mother and her grandmother both had hypothyroidism. My friend lives a few hundred miles away. Next time, I am going to go with her to doctors and demand more tests. Please can someone advise me what tests we should demand! I feel also that it is a very pertinent point that my friend suffered with dreadful period problems due to hormone imbalances. GP says this is irrelevant? Please can someone help me help my lovely friend? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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It may be best to start with, for your friend to get her test results from her GP. She is entitled to them (if she is in the UK) and would give her a starting point if posted on here for members to comment.

If the relevant tests have never been done, then, if she can afford to, it may be best for her to get them done privately.

Basic tests would be TSH, FT3, FT4, antibodies, B12, Vit D, Folate and Ferritin.

Or she may be better off changing her GP!


Thank you! Yes, she is in UK... I agree re: her GP! Thank you again so much for a starting point. I want to go armed with facts. She is so low at the moment that she is not fit to battle... I am! xx


She's lucky to have a friend like you :)


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