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Adrenal insufficiency Advice


This is my first post on this community, as I usually post on Vasculitis community (as I was suspected of having Vasculitis), but I am now looking for advice on Adrenal insufficiency.

Until recently I was on immune suppressors but these were stopped leaving me on 5mg of Prednisolone once daily. My health deteriorated and one of the tests my GP did (at the request of one of my other consultants) was a 9am cortisol serum blood test. This produced results of 4 (mcg/dL) or 110 (nmol/L) - I had taken my Pred that morning at 7am. I have been referred to a consultant for further tests etc (currently awaiting the appointment) but in the meantime have been switched to 20mg of hydrocortisone (split 15mg in the morning and 5mg at teatime). I have of course been strongly advised to make sure I don't forget to take the hydrocortisone, especially whilst I'm waiting for the consultant appoint.

Any comments/advise would be appreciated, but especially in regard to the low figure of the 9am test, even though I Had still taken the Pred at 5mg.


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Welcome to the forum, PCAD.

I'm sorry you've had no replies. Please feel free to repost your question.


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