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What kind of doctor is the best for finding the root cause of Hashimotps and auto immune disorders?

Hey guys!

I woke up early today thinking about which kind of doctor would be the best for me! Which specialty should I look for? So I started reading article after article because you can never be to sure. And I've noticed that almost every article said something different. So now I'm here asking everyone else which kind of doctor they think is the beat to figure out the root causes of Auto immune disorders so I can treat to the best of my ability. Any thoughts?

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I think that would be the 24 thousand dollar question :) I think some members may be able to respond to your question.


It depends what caused your auto immune in the first place? It could have been a virus, for example did you ever have glandular fever as a child or teenager? The epstein barr virus is often responsible. Auto immune cant be cured only managed. So no doctor will cure you, they may take ur money though? All you can do is manage it by finding your triggers. Gluten free often helps a lot also taking selenium will also do a lot to suppress your antibodies. It can be very individual you have to find out what works for you and what will stop your antibodies from rising. Xx

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Well I understand you can't get rid of it. But you can put it into remission. I have a pretty good feeling what caused it. I got the epstein barr virus when I was younger, and I guess that counter acting with a gene some of us are born with activates us having Hashimotos. But I still need to know the exact root cause. I want to find out if I have anymore auto immune disorders, which I know I have. I just haven't put a name to them yet. It'll all be interesting, and I know some doctors aren't trained in these fields like others. So I hope i find a doctor with the expertise! (:

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When you find golden answer let me know :-) as I have hashimoto's and a side from waiting for my endocrinology referral I've only got's like being lost out at sea with a small life raft!


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