Been put on 40mg carbizmole

Evening everyone,

Just a little update on my situation. Seen specialist today for my first check up since being on 20mg carbizimole, the tablets havnt even worked at all and my thyroid levels are still the same.

Got put on 40mg now and to go back in 8weeks time. This is draining just want to start feeling a difference hopefully The higher dose helps. X

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  • Did they only leave you on 20 for 4 weeks? It takes 6 weeks for carb to show results because it takes 6 weeks for the excess stored hormone in the thyroid to be used up. If it hasn't been 6 weeks then they've increased your dose too early. I would highly highly recommend that you request a thyroid test from you go in another 2-4 weeks and see where you are then. If in 4 weeks your levels are within normal range but low within that range then the 40my might be too much. It takes time but once you get into range you can ask to reduce to the lowest dose that keeps you there. A lot of people can go down to 10 or 5 my without issue. Also if you're not already it's best practice to split your dose so half in the morning n half in d evening. Best of luck. This tough stage will pass!!

  • I started the tablets on the 11th march, surely they would know what they are doing right?

    My bloods came back no change what so ever x

  • Hi Lauren, that's exactly what happened to me too, in the first month there was no change but by 8 weeks there was a big change. Unfortunately this whole forum is evidence that no, they do not know what they are doing. I recommend checking out Elaine Moore. She has a website and some really excellent books. But even without spending any money she answers questions on her forum and u can search the forum to see if any questions u have are already answered. I highly recommend learning about your illness and then advocate for yourself because I've worked with upwards of 10 endocrinologists and only met one who knew what he was doing while also meeting several who were criminally incompetent and abusive. So you can't go wrong to learn about it for yourself and then view them as what they are 'consultants' someone to consult not the god almighty that many of them view themselves as. Best wishes :)

  • So will I just keep taking the 20mg or the 40mg? I'm busy with work etc and don't have time to see docs all the time etc.

  • Hi. Do you have Graves' disease? What are your current thyroid. Blood results? I'm 3 years into graves. Was on 40 carb for 3 months at the start. But all depends on your bloods. Mine were very high when first diagnosed. Took me 2.5 years to get to my happy place on 5 mg of carbo a day but it takes time to get there. You can't just go start to 5 mg a day. pretty much all of my sysmptons have subsided and I remain on 5mg a day. Alex

  • Hi Alex, I don't know if I have graves I only got a

    Diagnosed with over active thyroid in Feb. I don't know much about blood results the specialist said I'm pretty high still since my first blood test in Feb. So I'm taking 40mg for 8weeks then back to hospital and blood tests.

    I'm glad your feeling a bit better x

  • Okay. 80% of the time hyperthyroidism is caused by graves in women. How old are you? Between 20-40? The Endo needs to test you to confirm if the graves antibodies are present in your blood. I don't hink the go can do this test it needs to be your Endo. I had this test at my first appmt. Do any of your family have arthritis, thyroid issues , ms, diabetes or lupus, chrones or some forms of anemia? You also need to ask for your blood readings. They have to tell you if you ask for them. You need to know. Tsh levels, t3 and t4. My tsh was at 0.02 when I was first diagnosed and on 40 mg a day. I have a table of results I have charted over the 3 years with how I was feeling at the time and what doses I was on. I found it really helped. You mess will change a lot over the next year or two. I did block and replace regime for the first year and a half and had lots of problems. I'm now on titration method and much more balanced. Alex

  • I am 31 and no one in my family past or present have anything like this.

    How will i find out my blood readings? Phone the doctor?

    I am pretty clueless to all this tbh x

  • No worries. That's how I felt. Yes call the GP and ask the secretary to look at your results. You need to know your tsh reading (likely to be low with hyper mine was 0.02) and the range. It will be something like 0,02 with a range of (0.4-4.5) quoted. Same for the t3 your reading with range (4-8.3) mine was 25 at diagnosis well above the range and t4 Reading likely to be over 20 if you have hyperthyroidism with range (12-22). My t4 was up over 50 when diagnosed and it needs to be under 20. So that's why i was on 40 mg of carbo. When it gets down a round 20 then the 20mg of carbo will likely be enough. Your blood levels take a while to change. Mine took 2 months to get back down to within the ranges. Alex

  • Hi Alex,

    I phoned docs today and my tsh was fine and my t4 is 25. Still don't get it all but this site will help me more😊 Thank you for your response you have been helpful. X

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