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Am I right in thinking that when you do the blood reverse t3 test ,the result is already worked out for you? Years ago you had you had to add this,distract something else then see if you wS somewhere crucial within the awake.....now has all that been done for you when you receive you're results back? You donrT have to do any maths ,the result give ,is the RESULzt..

Xxxx Tanya.

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Tanyaking It depends whether you mean the rT3 level or the rT3/FT3 ratio and which test you have done.

If it's just the reverse T3 test, ie this one from Blue Horizon bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/P... then you just get the rT3 level only, no ratio. They can't work out the ratio without FT3 being tested at the same time.

rT3 as part of a thyroid bundle ie bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/T... then because FT3 is also done at the same time then you do get the ratio worked out for you.

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Bless you,I've posted a photo of my results,I didn't know there was 2 different test,I hope it's the right one and I've not wasted all that money...I want to see if my body is converting all the t4 into the inactive t3 as a posed too the active t3.. I thought the Genova one was it.


I can't see the figures on my tablet so I'll put the main PC on and have a look :)


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