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It seems that although my thyroid levels are now looking quite good, my B12 level is rather low and from what I read on here, it could be due to taking Lanzoprazole prohibiting the absorption of B12. My pharmacist concurred with that view too. I had a camera examination some years ago which concluded that I do have a Hiatus Hernia. Certainly when I stop the Lanzoprazole (or sometimes I change to Omoprazole when the former stops working) the heartburn is excruciating. I'm assuming that dosing orally with B12 tablets won't then be the answer. Does this mean that I need to persuade the GP to offer me regular B12 injections? I also saw the video posted on here about the Oxford trial that concluded a link between low B12 and Alzheimers. I'm 64 so that really worried me.

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Are you on the surgical waiting list to get your haitus hernia treated?

People have fights to get sufficient vitamin B12 injections from their GP long term as they are rationed. Hence people source and buy their own. So if you can get the hiatus hernia fixed then it would help you a lot.

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No, they don't think it's that bad and to be fair, the medication does keep it under control.


Hi - most people take b12 in the form of methylcobalamin sublingual tablets that dissolve under the tongue, entering your bloodstream through the mouth and bypassing the stomach altogether. Solgar is a good brand, available in 1000 and 5000 doses - what you should take will depend on your current level. It is important to keep all b vits in balance so you should take a good general B complex as well. Jarrow, Thorne and Solgar are all regularly recommended.

Gillian xx


I have had a problem with the latest Solgar 5,000 I bought. It doesn't dissolve. I have complained so they said to crush it. I said that's not good for someone who cannot absorb through stomach if they have P.A. as I need it to be absorbed by tongue not swallowed. It does state sublingual on the label.

I had it under my tongue for five minutes and it didn't dissolve.

I have used Solgar for years. Apparently the one I bought is not tablets but 'nuggets'. So double-check .


Not good.


This is what they said - and it would seem sublingual has a different meaning if you are in the UK or USA:-

"That is a US product, they use Lot numbers instead of batch numbers and describe products as dietary supplements instead of food supplements.

The product will still be up to Solgar’s standards regarding purity and potency, but I’m not sure why they are a bit harder than usual – although there can be natural variations in the products.

As discussed, there is no restriction on the length of time it can be held under the tongue, but if it is taking a very long time, it may be best to crunch it a bit after a little while and hold the remains under the tongue for optimal absorption.

If you buy from Amazon again, you could check whether the seller is based in the US or UK, which should dictate which product you receive – looking at the bottle image is apparently not sufficient as Amazon themselves sometimes put the wrong one on the sellers details."

The customers seem satisfied but they may just swallow them as they don't have an absorption problem.

" Two comments:-

1. However, these are sold as sublingual tablets. Says so on the label. But Suggested Use on the back states " place nugget under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing." After 30 seconds all that's happened is the nugget is a bit slippery. The amount absorbed must still be low. Sublingual is purely about maximising absorption rather than the very poor absorption from the gut.

I'm confused.

2, Good but my major gripe about this B12 is that it takes a long time to dissolve and honestly you have to chew it a bit to get any dissolving. Also though I like the brand and it is better than allot out there I dont notice the B12 kick that I can get from others

Mine were under tongue for 5 minutes and hadn't dissolved.


Oh - that's unfortunate - i've had several different batches, both from states and uk and all have dissolved very easily under the tongue.


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