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ACV with Mother and Simvastatin

Just when I get my brain round when I am going to take all these lovely new supplements it has been pointed out that there may be some interaction between the ACV with Mother and Simvastatin.

I have been on Dr Google and cannot find anything....several sites listed other drugs but not Simvastatin. Has anyone had any problems with these two items. It would be nice to think that once my hormones are running along in fourth gear instead of first I would be able to drop the Simvastatin, although I never was any good at holding my breath!

Happy Easter to all

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WebMD says to avoid grapefruit with Simvastatin but doesn't mention ACV.

What have your hormones to do with taking Simvastatin? Simvastatin is prescribed for high cholesterol. You might want to read Dr. Kendrick's blogs about statins

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The contraindication is between simvastatin and levothyroxine.


Thankyou shaws. That brain fog gets everywhere. I could have sworn you said ACV and Simvastatin. Sorry.

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