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More advice please

Well I've been back to endo today and he has increased my T3 to 40mg (was 20mg per day)

My tabs are 20mg per day .. and I'm supposed to take half in morning and half at night but I take them at night with my levo (100mg)

He said to try half tab 3 times a day at first going up to one twice a day !

I would prefer to take it all at night.

Do you think if I take 2 tabs at night this will be ok or should I increase slowly ?

Any advice greatly appreciated

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Sporty-mi If you prefer to take it all at night, and want to continue taking it all at night, then try it and see how it goes. I started off splitting mine then started taking it all at once first thing in the morning and I didn't notice any difference.

But, I would take it slowly and add an extra half a tablet to start with, adding the other half later on, as your endo suggested.


Thanks .. I will try an extra half first and continue to take it at night. Thanks for the advice.

He also warned me that the docs were clamping down on prescribing T3 so he said he would write to my Gp. So I hope I don't have problems in the future as I've been lucky up till now x

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Yes, you've done well to get an increase :)

I've seen some posts about when you're already on T3 they can't just stop it, I can't remember exactly now I'm afraid. If it does come to them saying your prescription will be withdrawn, pop a post on the forum as someone will point you in the right direction.

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Thank you so much seaside .. fingers x


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