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Can sleep be affected by Hypothyroidism or treatment?

8 years ago almost to the day I finished treatment for throat cancer and then the fun began. I had a particularly unpleasant reaction to the treatment and as a result I can no longer swallow solid food so my diet has been pretty static all these years yet I have managed to put on 11Kgs since 2014 though oddly enough I was probably diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at least 3 years earlier, will confirm when tomorrow at a GP appointment.

Cancer treatment side effects and hypothyroidism meant it was difficult to attribute the difficulties I was having to which issue, I have blamed pretty much all my issues to the cancer treatment side effects but I am now beginning to wonder if that is the case.

A major issue is sleep or the lack of it. I have always been a poor sleeper but these days it has reached new heights with insomnia, sleep paralysis and non restorative sleep syndrome to mention 3 issues with the knock on effects of lack of concentration, stupid memory loss as in 'forget why I opened a cupboard,' have no interest in my 'interests' and I wonder can this be related to my thyroid problems?

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Another member unable to swallow solid food has had weight gain on the liquid diet she has. Hard to say whether it is the liquid diet, hypothyroidism, or Levothyroxine which is causing weight gain.

I had insomnia for years but it became very bad indeed when I developed euthyroid Hashimoto's and I was sometimes quite spaced out after not sleeping at all for 3 nights on the trot. My GP prescribed 7 x 3.25mg Zopiclone per month so that I could get a night's sleep once or twice a week without becoming dependent. Since I had a thyroidectomy and have been optimally medicated I am able to sleep well and no longer need sleeping tablets.


Yes, last time I was a bit hypo it was a major symptom. I always felt 'wired and tired' and slept fitfully. When I woke in the night sometimes I had to read for a while before I could get back to sleep.


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