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Need advice please

Hello all of you lovely folks. I've been reading the information which comes up on my daily news since last January when I was diagnosed with under active thyroid condition. What I've read has been invaluable, really appreciate it. Now I have my first blood test, non fast, coming up next week since before I had my first confirmation of my illness. My question: do I take my medicine, 50 mg Levothyroxine, as normal in the morning? My blood test appointment is at 12.25. Or, do I need to take the tablet after the test? Unfortunately I didn't ask the doctor this important question. I usually take my Levo around 9 am. I know one of you lovely helped subscribers will tell me. Sometimes I feel as if I should know certain things and feel I would be considered stupid by asking the doctor too many questions when they're so busy. Thanks very much for any help.

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Hi. I asked the same thing. I'm sure you will get many experienced replies, but my answers were no thyroxine for 24 hours and then take your daily dose after the blood test. :-)


Hi Pauline 10 always fast before test drink only water for 12hours before test and don't take Levo in the morning until after bloodtest. Bloodtest time is not ideal as early morning is better as that is when your tsh will be higher and you get a more accurate result, gp won't tell you this as they don't normally know that's the case.


Is it possible for you to cancel that appointment and get another one early in the morning? Because your TSH is going to be very low at 12.25, and you really do need to fast, because eating also lowers TSH. And, as doctors only look at TSH, you really need it as high as you can get it.

But, certainly don't take your levo. Leave a 24 hour gap between your last dose and the test. :)


My doctor wants to do a comparison between my first non-fast blood test when she realised there was a problem to the non-fast blood test next week. We've already done the fasting blood test which was early morning, no Levo until after. She was very impressed by my results as my cholesterol had shot down to 7.1 from 12.1 ! Still high I know but a marvelous result after 6 weeks. I'd also had a weight loss of 11lbs. I can understand why she is doing this. But thanks so much for your answers. I will know now what to do. X


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