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Hi all, so my doc agrees that my symptoms may be thyroid related and is going to get bloods for that, as well as anaemia and vitamin deficiencies. The earliest time I can get for the next few weeks is 12.35. Can i just fast on the day until then? I know it's better early and fasted but it's not really feasible in my practice just now.

Thanks :)

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  • illustrateddame,

    I recommend you cancel the appointment and reschedule for whenever you can get an appointment around 8.30-9.00am even if it means waiting a few weeks. TSH is at it's lowest around mid-day which is the last thing you want. Have a look at the graph in

  • Ok thanks, I'll give them a call at my lunchtime and see what i can get.

  • Might be worth asking if there are any local hospital/walk-in clinics that have a phlebotomy department for a blood draw. I can either have a fixed appointment at my GP surgery but they get booked up very quickly or can go down to a local hospital which has a phlebo department that opens at 7.30am and you take a ticket to wait with their numbered system. I got there at 8am once and it was tumbleweed city...they were glad to see me! You just take your blood test form with you.

  • Just off the phone there and they had two cancellations for this friday, either 7.50am or 2.15pm. Hoping I manage to drag myself out of bed, booked in now for the early one!

  • the TSH is highest early morning so if you want to actually get diagnosed you need to get bloods taken early morning and you need to fast from dinner previous evening and only water to drink

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