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Adrenal fatigue

Hello to you all,

I want to ask about adrenal fatigue. It's something I should have had tested at the beginning of my thyroid troubles but didn't think there was a problem, but finally have had it done. Here's the results

cortisol ( saliva) waking 18.56 range 14.0-21.0

cortisol (saliva) 12.00. L 1.30. range 4-9

cortisol (saliva) 16.00. 3.72 range 2.5-7.0

cortisol (saliva) before bed L 0.69

range 0.8-4.5

What I would like to know is how to treat low cortisol? Can you do it yourself or does it require medical intervention?

I think it's the final piece in the jigsaw, at least I hope so.

Thanks for your help.


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Your second reading is low and needs to be towards the top of the range.

Do you have hypo synptoms?

First reading okay - could be slighly higher.

Last two readings should be at the lower end of the range. Your last reading is only just outside of the range.

Vit C is usually suggested - building up gradually to one and a half to two grams or bowel tolerance.

Some say that reaching an optimal dose of meds sorts out the adrenals others that the adrenals needs to be sorted first in order for thyroid meds to work.

There are supplements for low adrenal output called glandulars and there are two types - one has the whole adrenal in it including adrenaline and can cause jitteriness. The other is just the cortex and does not have this effect. If you decide to take these then you would start on a low dose and take it just before that second reading.

I have low cortisol output on my first two readings and high for the last two. But I have had these fir sone time and so take cortex supplements only during the morning.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mischa, thanks for your reply. I do feel absolutely terrible from time to time although I've nearly sorted all my thyroid troubles out.

Where do you get your medication from? I was reading about Ashwaghanda & wondered if that was any good?



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