Thyroid node

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same . I have just had my FNA on a 4.5 cm solid node in my right lobe . I am awaiting the results but slightly concerned . They have always said it might be cancer but rare to saying it might be benign . I might be reading too much in to this.The mass has a blood supply . Is this normal for benign growths or not.


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  • Mands74,

    A large nodule with a blood supply has more chance of being malignant. Having said that, thyCa is rare, 95% of nodules are benign.

  • Thanks that's what I found confusing. The most are not but then when you say bloody supply and size can be . I am so impatient and hate having to wait . I just want to know . We have a few trips booked one being Disney Florida in oct and would love to have it all sorted before we go .

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