Hi everyone

I have just been put up to 75mcg of levo and my levels are slowly slowly improving.

I was wondering about the problem I have with my walking and fluid accumulation. Since having under active I have suffered with my legs. Very tight and heavy with fluid mainly building around the knees. This makes walking somewhat difficult. And getting up from sitting painful in and around my knees. Plus walking up stairs is hard.

Is this yet another symptom of it or something else to worry my head about? Just wondered if any others experienced this please?

Thank you x

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  • Hey Demitria

    My weight and my knees are the bane of my life. I think the two are likely to be connected, although I have no medical qualifications. :D

    I recall when I started my thyroid journey my knees hurt too, just not as badly as they do now. I also found my balance affected and a few times I fell, really heavily :( I was a big time party girl and now my drug of choice is Voltarol...

  • Hi Voltarol/diclofenac acid is nephrotoxic and hence your kidney function may need checking. Recent press reports substantiate the dangers of voltarol.

    It is reversible provided you discontinue the voltarol which as always should be done under medical supervision.

    Please do not be alarmed.

    Jane. Retired nurse

  • Janey121314 I'm not alarmed.

    Voltarol is an OTC medicine and I do read the patient information leaflets. I have spoken to my GP about this and told him how much I use - sporadic and used only where I feel that I have no alternative.

    I will not be in constant pain when I have overdone it and have no interest in living to a grand old age; now I am effectively robbed of the opportunity to exercise to any meaningful extent as exercise depletes T3 and leaves me feeling even worse, my life goals have changed and I feel disabused of the notion to seek longevity at any cost.

    I will live as well as I can, not for as long as I can. Unless there is a catastrophe there will, thankfully, always be enough money in my kitty for a one way ticket to Switzerland. Because of what I do I have a more prosaic and pragmatic view of death than the typical person in the street.

    Thanks nonetheless for the heads up which may assist others; BTW I would prefer to use cannabis oil but that isn't available at any pharmacy near me :)

  • I also have fluid build up in my legs and I have problems with my legs. They lock often, my knees sting when I walk uphill and I've fallen so many times as my ankles give way or my feet just pull underneath me. I get very bad bloat in my ankles and overall in my lymph.

  • I tripped and fell full length out of the front door today. There was I sobbing on my hands and knees, I could hear the footy on the TV keeping my husbands attention😡 I crawled in crying, more upset that he didn't come to my rescue than anything else. He needs a hearing aid!!

    The muscles in my legs just won't respond quickly enough to prevent me from falling when I trip. I don't think this will be the last time I end up on the floor!

    Ouch, my wrist hurts!

  • We all trip occasionally,but if balance is a problem it could be low B12 .Endo told me it was liver damage from alcohol but I was not convinced that was the cause .

  • Oh god I've had numerous falls over the years before i was diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid. I had to go to A and E because I landed on the front door step. Lovely deep gash in the leg, which 2 nurses had to pull back together. A scar to remember it by. The last accident I fell twisting my arm. My balance was abysmal. But now it's totally changed. I now can walk as if I'm on land! Before it was like being on a moving ship! It helps of course losing nearly a stone, that's only in just over 2 months. I'm much happier 😁

  • When I was 'getting used' to levo, I fell twice, both times full length and catastrophically. The second time it could easily have been curtains if my head had first contact with the hard surface I landed on. Between them I bruised my ribs, was left with a finger which looked like an underdone pork sausage for a week or more, blacked an eye, split my lip, broke my very expensive specs beyond repair and ripped a pair of Wolford tights I'd just bought. I was unable to pull my knickers up for a fortnight without the assistance of my DH who is more used to pulling them in the opposite direction. And of course my dignity died on both occasions. :D Hugs for anyone going thru this.

    I know from a recent experience, now thankfully behind me, that B12 is so important in keeping me vertical. It took me a while further to learn that all levo was doing was continuing my ill health :(

  • My B12 was 475pmol two months ago, improving and I'm still supplementing. I might get some injections to boost it a bit. Waiting for TSH FT4 FT3 results but I think I need a miracle and it doesn't seem to be appearing.

    Sore shoulder today, I think I landed on it when I fell. The most annoying thing is I dropped my iPad and cracked the screen😩

    Rapunzel I don't think my fall was as dramatic as yours! I just made a lot of noise😢

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